23/01/2020   Grosseto (ITA) - the 2020 outdoor season begins

Next Sunday the outdoor walking season also begins in Italy.
And it begins with the first road competition of the Clubs Championship, what until a few years ago was called the Winter Race Walking Trophy and that we really like to remember with this name.

Grosseto will have the honor of hosting this first competition which is also combined with the Italian Individual Master Championship and the U20 Individual Championship over a distance of 20km.


The numbers of registered athletes are of considerable interest and will certainly please the organizers.

We summarize them:

- 10km U18 boys: 31 athletes

- 10km U18 girls: 45 athletes

- 20km U20 men: 17 athletes

- 20km U20 women: 16 athletes

- 20km U23-senior men: 45 athletes (6 athletes if the Masters are excluded)

- 20km U23-senior women: 28 athletes (14 if Master athletes are excluded)

- 35km U23-senior men: 13 athletes

- 35km U23-senior women: 6 athletes


The departure time is scheduled for

- 9:00: 35km, 20km all categories together men and women

- 12:55: 10km U18 men and women



Our favorites


35km men: it will probably be the most beautiful and most interesting race also from a technical point of view, with some athletes who, if they decide to finish the 35km and not stop at the intermediate 20km finish, will be able to show their shape after the winter break.

They are: Federico Tontodonati, Leonardo Dei Tos, Gregorio Angelini, Teodorico Caporato, Gianluca Picchiottino and Matteo Giupponi


35km women: the undisputed leadership of Eleonora Anna Giorgi who after two 50km last season has also returned to smiling in international competitions. Beatrice Foresti and Nicole Colombi will be the main opponents. To see with interest the race of Alessia Zapparoli, Lidia Barcella, and Federica Curiazzi.


20km men: excluding the masters we do not see anyone able to worry Ettore Grillo the only one of those entered under 1:30:00 (1:26:36)


20km women: also in this event the absolute leader is Valentina Trapletti the only one of the registered ones under 1:40:00 (1: 32.49). It will be interesting to see race of Ilaria Camilla Gatti (1:44:02) and Annalisa Russo (1:44:06)


20km U20 men: this race is also of particular interest. The best entry mark is that of Andrea Cosi (1:32:05), followed by Daniele Breda (1:33:39) and Aldo Andrei (1:34:46).

Perhaps, however, who should be among the favorites is Gabriele Gamba, at his inaugural 20km race, after the splendid victory of Baku last season.

Davide Finocchietti is also on his debut on the 20km race, and on his return to the races after the injury.


20km U20 women: The two favorites should be Sara Buglisi (1:44:59) and Simona Bertini (1:45:54) but there are also some athletes at their debut of the 20km of good interest: Camilla Gatti, Alessia Titone, Ida mastrangelo and Alice Leonardi.


10km U18m boys: Three names stand out from the others, Nicola Lomuscio, Pietro Pio Notaristefano and Emiliano Brigante.

Of the latter in particular, which has interesting potentials, we are curious to verify the comparison with the jury, after his coach informed us that he had spent a large part of the winter training in correcting the technical errors that often had been rightly sanctioned.


10km U18 girls: if the accreditation marks do not lie, the battle for the victory should be narrowed between Vittoria Di Dato (52.44) and Martina Quartararo (55:03), but if the 45 athletes registered will be at the start, it will certainly be a youth race of interest.




Entry list: click here




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