27/01/2020   Melbourne (AUS) - At Supernova 2 Rhydian Cowley (AUS) wins over Perseus Karlstrom (SWE). Jemima Montag (AUS) wins in women.



The second of the two Supernova Study International 10,000m track walks was held at the Melbourne University Athletics Track in Parkville (Melbourne), starting at 10AM on Monday January 27.
Conditions were a bit warmer than 2 weeks ago, when the first race was held, with the 10AM temperature at 19°C and a full sun in evidence. By the time the race had finished, the reading had jumped a couple of degrees to 21°C, warm but not unbearable by any degree.


Other more critical factors were in effect for this race, with the study participants split into two groups – those who have been on a High Fat Low Carbo (HFLC) diet and those in the control High Carbo Low Fat (HCLF) diet. 

It was pretty obvious who was on which diet – the HCLF diet walkers thrived in the conditions, walking strongly and always in control. 

The HFLC diet walkers struggled against a body devoid of stored energy and had to draw on all their mental reserves to push themselves through the race. 



10.000m track walk men


Nothing could illustrate the point more than first and second place. Winner Rhydian Cowley (AUS), on the HCLF diet, walked superbly, his time of 39:30.8 an 18sec PB. 

Second placed Perseus Karlstrom (SWE, on the HFLC diet, struggled the whole way, his finish time of 39:49.1 nearly a minute slower than his winning time 2 weeks ago. 

Third place to Evan Dunfee UCAN) in 39:50.5

Both wonderful walks but each with its own story. So don’t be fooled by the slow times of some walkers. You can almost certainly guess on which side of the study they found themselves!







Below is the world list of the 2020 season of 10.000m track walk updated after this race




  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
38:50.9h Perseus KARLSTRÖM SWESWE Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
39:30.8h Rhydian COWLEY AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 27 JAN 2020
39:50.5h Evan DUNFEE CANCAN Melbourne (AUS) 27 JAN 2020
40:10.3h Marius ŽIŪKAS LTULTU Melbourne (AUS) 27 JAN 2020
40:10.6h Isamu FUJISAWA JPNJPN Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
41:04.0h Quentin REW NZLNZL Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
41:09.2h Ryosuke KONDO JPNJPN Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
41:28.9h Carlos MERCENARIO MEXMEX Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
41:35.7h Kyle SWAN AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
10  42:29.5h Toru YAMAMOTO JPNJPN Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020





10.000m track walk women


With Anezka Drahotova a non starter, it was left to21 year old Jemima Montag (AUS) to lead the women home with a time of 44:58.5. 


I must also mention two of the junior walkers who produced superb walks. 17 year old Will Thompson (VIC) walked a 39 sec PB with 44:52.7 and 18 year old Rebecca Henderson (VIC) walked a 71 sec PB with 47:43.6.








By Tim Erickson