27/01/2020   Santee (USA): Andreas Gustafsson and Robyn Stevens win the 50km




Santee, CA hosted the USATF 50km Race Walk Championships on Saturday 25 January 2020, also valid as trials to Sapporo Olympic Games and some invitation races.
50km men (Trial to Sapporo)
Nick Christie (USA) starts immediately in the lead and tries to get a good time.
These are his split times on a 1.250m lap:
- 10km: 47:04 (second place to Matthew Forgues in 49:40 and third Andreas Gustafsson in 54:29)
- 20km: 1:32:57 (45:23) (second place to Andreas Gustafsson in 1:43:00 and third Matthew Forgues in 1:45:18)
- 30km: 2:21:04 (48:07) Nick Christie's pace drops as he passes the 7:29/mile to 7:34/mile
(second place to Andreas Gustafsson in 2:21:04 and third Matthew Forgues in 2:35:05)
- 40km: 3:13:50 (52:46) now the pace has changed to 7:48/mile but Nick Christie's lead over Andreas Gustafsson (3:22:36) is still considerable (8:46). In third position Matthew Forgues (3:36:20)
On lap 35 (46.750/km) Christie (3:42:40) still has a slight advantage over Gustafsson (3:44:10) who is in front of Forgues (3:46:50).
The next lap Gustafsson (3:51:06) passes Christie (3:52:57) who must also defend himself against Forgues (3:53:54).
Christie (4:08:38) will be overtaken by Forgues (4:07:51) on lap 38 (47.5km)
Victory to Andreas Gustafsson (USA) in 4:12:11
Second place to Matthew Forgues (USA) in 4:14:44
Third place to Nick Christie (USA) in 4:27:29 who covered the last 10km in 1:13:39.
Seven other athletes follow
50km men (Waterbridge Capital Int'l)
Only one athlete at the start Mathieu Bilodeau (CAN) who was the first ever of the 50km and stopped the clock to athe finish in 4:03:52
These are his split times:
- 10km (8 laps of 1,250m): 46:27
- 20km (16 laps): 1:32:38 (46:11)
- 30km (24 laps): 2:19:20 (46:42)
- 40km (32 laps): 3:10:22 (51:02)
- last 10km (40 laps): in 43:30
Below is the world list of the 2020 season of the 50km updated afterthis race


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
4:03:52 Mathieu BILODEAU CANCAN Santee, CA (USA) 25 JAN 2020
4:12:12 Andreas GUSTAFSSON USAUSA Santee, CA (USA) 25 JAN 2020
4:14:44 Matthew FORGUES USAUSA Santee, CA (USA) 25 JAN 2020
4:25:02 Dávid TOKODI HUNHUN Porto de Mos (POR) 26 JAN 2020
4:27:29 Nick CHRISTIE USAUSA Santee, CA (USA) 25 JAN 2020


50km women (USATF Championship)
- At 10km: Katie Burnett (USA) leads the race in 54:45
She is followed by Lydia McGranahan (USA) in 57:30 and Robyn Stevens (USA) in 59:44.
- At 20km: Katie Burnett (USA) is always leading the race in 1:50:10 (55:21).
Robyn Stevens (1:51:31) moved into second position, overtaking Lydia McGranahan (1:55:53). Fourth is currently Erin Taylor Talcott (USA) in 2:01:29.
Katie Burnett remains in the lead until lap 18 (22.5km) (2:04:07) when her lead in front of Robyn Stevens was reduced to 16seconds.
The next round goes to the head Robyn Stevens (2:10:55)
- At 30km: Robyn Stevens is in the lead in 2:44:25 (54:15 from 20km to 30km)
In second position is Katie Burnett (2:29:38), third position to Lydia McGranahan (2:56:27). But is forcing the pace Erin Taylor Talcott (USA) in 2:57:58 (at 1:21) who will pass McGranahan during the 27th lap
- At 40km: always in the lead Robyn Stevens in 3:44:33 (1:00:08 from 30km to 40km)
In second position is Katie Burnett (3:49:52), third is Erin Taylor Talcott (USA) in 3:55:24.
The last 10km is practically a solo by Robyn Stevens who goes to seize the victory in 4:37:33 (53:00 from 40km to 50km).
Erin Taylor Talcott also has his moment of glory and outperforms Katie Burnett for silver.
Marks: Taylor Talcott, 4:47:01 - Katie Burnett, 4:53:26
Fourth is Lydia McGranahan in 5:16:18
Five other athletes follow



20km by invitation
Men - Victory for Emmanuel Corvera (USA) in 1:26:35
Women - Victory for Rachel Seaman (CAN) in 1: 326: 35 in front of Amberly Melendez (USA) in 1:39:17 and Celina Lepe (USA) in 1:43:45
10km by invitation
U18 boys - Victory for Andres Gonzalez-Aquino (MEX) in 47:10 ahead of Daniel Soliven (CAN) in 49:36 and Giovanni Cisneros in 52:08
U18 girls - Victory for Johanna Yu (CAN) in 1:03:40