03/02/2020   Riga (LAT): Raivo Saulgriezis and Modra Ignate are the new Latvian indoor champions




Unfortunately we hadn't noticed, but on Saturday 25 January 2020, the national indoor walking championships were also held in Latvia on the occasion of multiple events.

The small oval of Riga, with a 3-lane track, more similar to a wedding favor than a sports hall, hosted the 45th edition of these Championships.
5.000m indoor men
Victory for Raivo Saulgriezis (LAT) in 20:11.35 which gets the new personal best (previous of 21:00.53 held during the 2018/2018 indoor season also in Riga, LAT in 28.1.2018).
Second place to Normunds Ivzans (LAT) in 21: 35.94
Third place to Juris Konisevs (LAT in 26: 58.81
Below his progression on the distance of 5.000m indoor



  Performance Place Date
2019/20 20:11.35 Sporta manēža, Riga (LAT) 26 JAN 2020
2017/18 21:00.53 Riga (LAT) 28 JAN 2018
2015/16 21:28.20 Riga (LAT) 31 JAN 2016
2014/15 22:37.76 Riga (LAT) 25 JAN 2015
2013/14 24:30.7h Riga (LAT) 25 JAN 2014
2012/13 24:20.3h Riga (LAT) 27 JAN 2013
2011/12 23:24.76 Riga (LAT) 28 JAN 2012


3.000m indoor women
The surprise of the day is provided by Modra Ignate (LAT), coached by Modris Liepins, and who wins the female title in 14:43.02 and who manages to defeat Agnese Pastare (LAT) who had won 11 indoor championships consecutive.
Second place for Agnese Pastare (LAT) in 14:58:25





3.000m indoor U20 women
Victory for Ksenia Zabalujeva (LAT) in 17:34.94
Second place to Megija Cakste (LAT) in 18:06.35
Third place in Vivita Krisane (LAT) in 18:20.82
5.000m indoor U18 boys
Victory for Raivo Linins (LAT) in 23:33.39
Second place to Emils Spurins (LAT) in 27:00.97
Third place to Davis Salcevics (LAT) in 27:50.32