04/02/2020   Sumy (UKR): Ihor Hlavan and Tamara Havrylyuk-Stasyuk win the Indoor Championships of Ukraine




The past weekend has also been the day of the Indoor Championships of Ukraine, which took place in the University of Sumy indoor facility.
The two walk events took place on Saturday:
- at 10:30 that of men on the distance of 5.000m
- at 11.05 that of women always on the distance, unusual for women, of 5.000m
5.000m indoor men
Igor Glavan (Ihor Hlavan) practically almost returned to the races after the suspension for doping who had no difficulty in establishing himself and winning the Ukrainian Indoor 2020 title.
His victory was also accompanied by a good time (19: 22.54) which represents the seasonal record, as is obvious, but which is not so far from the personal best of the athlete of 19:13.25 obtained in Kiev (UKR) on 8.1.2016 in a very rewarding season for him.

Second place to Oleksiy Bilorius (UKR) in 20:35.19 also not far from the personal best of 20:26.55 (obtained in Sumy on 21.12.2019).
Third place in Illya Bilyk (UKR) a good U23, in 20:45.41 that the new personal best gets instead (previous of 21:43.57 obtained in Sumy on 6.2.2018).
However, Eduard Zabuzhenko (UKR), Oleg Svystun (UKR) and Serrhiy Svitlychniy (UKR) did not compete. They obtained excellent results in this indoor facility respectively:
- 21.12.2019: Eduard Zabuzhenko had obtained an excellent 18:53.77
- 19.1.2020: Oleg Svystun had obtained an equally good 19:35.54
- 19.1.2020: Serrhiy Svitlychniy had obtained an equally good 19:39.34
In total, however, eleven athletes at the start and all have completed the race.
The list of 5.000m indoor walk uptated after this competition


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
18:41.89 Gabriel BORDIER FRAFRA Nantes (FRA) 18 JAN 2020
18:53.77 Eduard ZABUZHENKO UKRUKR SumDU Arena, Sumy (UKR) 21 DEC 2019
19:13.59 Salih KORKMAZ TURTUR Ataköy Arena, Istanbul (TUR) 11 JAN 2020
19:20.4h Vasiliy MIZINOV ANAANA Chelyabinsk (RUS) 06 JAN 2020
19:22.54 Ihor HLAVAN UKRUKR SumDU Arena, Sumy (UKR) 31 JAN 2020
19:28.6h Maksim KRASNOV RUSRUS Chelyabinsk (RUS) 06 JAN 2020
19:31.2h Kiril SHUTOV RUSRUS Chelyabinsk (RUS) 06 JAN 2020
19:35.54 Oleh SVYSTUN UKRUKR SumDU Arena, Sumy (UKR) 19 JAN 2020
19:39.27 David KUSTER FRAFRA Reims (FRA) 19 JAN 2020
10  19:39.34 Serhiy SVITLYCHNIY UKRUKR SumDU Arena, Sumy (UKR) 19 JAN 2020



5.000m indoor women
A race of some interest in particular for the first three positions.
Victory for Tamara Havrylyuk-Stasyuk (UKR) who finished the race in 23:25.17
A strongh fight between Olena Shumkina (UKR) and Halyna Klepus-Iakovchuk (UKR) for second place.
The race ended in the closing stages in favor of Olena Shumkina (UKR) second in 23:45.97
Third place in Halyna Klepus-Iakovchuk (UKR) in 23:52.87
Fifteen athletes at the start of this test, of which 14 have completed the race and 1 DQ