05/02/2020   Baerum (NOR): Havard Haukenes and Siri Gamst Glittenberg 2020 indoor champions of Norway




Saturday, February 1, 2020, the Indoor Championships of Norway were held in Baerum (NOR), in the indoor plant of the Baerum Idtrettspark, Rud with the usual races on the classic distances of:
- 3.000m indoors for women
- 5.000m indoors for men
5.000m indoor men
Easy victory for Havard Haukenes (NOR) in 19:56.45
The Norwegian athlete, who we remember being a 50km specialist even though he was disqualified in Doha this year, still managed to improve his personal best over the distance (21: 18.20 which was established in Bergen, NOR on 6.2.2012).
Among other things, this result is also close to the personal best outdoor on the track of 19: 19.76 obtained in Askoy (NOR) on 29.7.2016.
The Norway record (18:49.10) belongs to Erling Andersen (NOR) and was established in Budapest on 6.3.1988
This is his progression on 5.000m indoors


  Performance Place Date
2019/20 19:56.45 Bærum Idrettspark, Rud, Bærum (NOR) 01 FEB 2020
2012/13 21:32.48 Haugesund (NOR) 02 FEB 2013
2011/12 21:18.20 Bergen (NOR) 06 FEB 2012
2010/11 22:27.41 Trondheim (NOR) 12 FEB 2011



Second place to Andreas Doste (NOR) in 23:09.56

Third place to Tobias Lomom (NOR) in 23:27.78



5.000m indoor women

Again easy victory for Siri Gamst Glittenberg in 14:05.36
Second place in Maren Karlsen Bdekkestad of which unfortunately no time has been recorded
Third place to Fride Moller Flatin in 16:07.34
The Norway record (11:49.3) instead belongs to Kjersti Tysse-Plaetzer (NOR) and was established in Lievin on 1.4.2004


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