10/02/2020   National Championships of Colombia



The National Walking Championships of Colombia were held in Parque el Salitre in Bogota on Saturday 8 February.

The scheduled races were the following:
- 40km men (very unusual distance)
- 20km men and women
- 10km U20 men and women
- 10km U18 boys
- 5km U18 girls
and a series in short distances for U16 and U14
40km Men
Victory to Jose Leonardo Montana (COL) in 3:14:42
Second place to Jorge Armando Ruiz Fajardo (COL) in 3:21:45
Third place went to Kenny Martin Perez Parra (COL) in 3:24:41

20km Men
Victory to Jhon Alexander Castaneda Angulo (COL) in 1:29:43
Second place to Jorge Luis Castillo Caraballo (COL) in 1:31:08
Third place to Juan Jose Soto (COL) in 1:31:11
20km Women
Victory to Laura Cristina Chalarca (COL) in 1:43:58
Second place to Carolina Marino Fonseca (COL) in 1:44:34
Third place to Lina Geraldine Bolivar (COL) in 1:44:57
10km U20 Men
Victory to Christian Rojas (COL) in 47:33
Second place to Miguel Angel Calderon Munoz (COL) in 49:57
Third place to Daniel Figueroa Jaramillo (COL) in 50:31
10km U20 Women
Victory to Lisset Borrero (COL) in 57:06
Second place in Katerin Canion Dias (COL) in 57:50
Third place in Greis Bernal (COL) in 1:00:29




(All photos by Gustavo Velosa, Colombia)



Full results (included those of U18, U16 and younger) in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here






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