16/02/2020   Ranchi (IND): Sanabam Daman Singh (IND) wins 50km



The second day in Ranchi (IND) for the 7th National Open Championships included the 50km and U20 men and women races over the 10km distance.

50km men
At the start there are 12 athletes.
The race presents a fair level of interest only for the first two positions that see a battle between Sanabam Singh (IND) and Gurpreet Singh (IND).
In the end the victory goes to Sanabam Daman Singh (IND) in 4:08:10
Second place in Gurpreet Singh (IND) in 4:09:44
Third place in Anjani Sing (IND) in 4:22:37


10km U20 men
Forty-three athletes at the start.
Victory for Haryana lad Amit (IND) in 40:28
This mark represents India's new national record on the 10km distance for the U20. Up to date, the athlete only boasted a good 10,000m track time (43:26.36 obtained in Raipur, IND on 19.2.2019)
Second place to Paramjeet Singh Bisht (IND) in 41:02
Third place in Pareveen Kumar (IND) in 41:21


10km U20 women
Twenty-six athletes at the start.
Victory for Munita Parjapati (IND) in 50:15
Second place in Baljeey Bajawa (IND) in 50:31
third place to Roji Patel (IND) in 51:11