07/03/2020   Dublin (IRL): Wayne Snyman (RSA) and Mirna Ortiz (GUA) wins. The Irish Championship to David Kenny and Kate Veale




We had indicated in our news of 1.3.2020 that at this particular moment of the season following the cancellation of many walking races in Europe due to the COVID-19 one of the few opportunities for athletes would have been that of the Irish Championships took place today at St Anne's Park Raheny Dublin scheduled 11:00 in a windy day.

As usual the race was open and a good number of foreign athletes also participated.
20km road walk men
National Championship of Ireland
The National Championship of Ireland was a threesome battle between David Kenny (IRL) who last week won the 5.000m Indoor Champion title, Brendan Boyce (IRL), who finished second in Abbotstown Dublin and Alex Wright (IRL) who instead had been disqualified on that occasion.
For 21-year-old Irish athlete David Kenny who last year had established his personal best on the distance in Gavle (SWE) obtaining 9th place in U23 European Championships, the start of the season is immediately sparkling.
His is the victory in the National Championships with a mark of 1:23:07. His personal best shot down by 2:36.
Second place to Brendan Boyce (IRL) in 1:24:45. A good performance for him too. Only 13" separated him from his (1:24:32) personal best that was established in Podebrady (CZE) on 6.4.2019.
Third place to Alex Wright (IRL) in 1:25:39
International competition
Wayne Snyman and Marc Mundell (RSA), Damian Blocki (POL), Erick Barrondo (GUA) and Chung Hung Tse (HKG) were present at the start.
The most prestigious result was that of Wayne Snyman (RSA) who also preceded the Irish trio and made the overall race his own in 1:22:16.
Fourth overall Damian Blocki (POL) in 1:26:11
Fifth overall Mark Flynn Mundell (RSA) in 1:26:12
Sixth overall Erick Barrondo (GUA) in 1:27:53


20km walk women
International competition
Victory to Mirna Sucely Ortiz Flores (GUA) in 1:32:43
Second place to Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) in 1:33:34
Third place to Olga Niedzialek (POL) in 1:41:07 in front of Jasmine Nicholls (GBR) who clocked 1:53:48
National Championship of Ireland
Fifth place overall and victory in the Irish Championships to Kate Veale (IRL) in 1:56:06
Sixth place overall and silver in the Irish Championships to Maggiehelon O’Connor (IRL) in 1:57:23.


(We thanks for the collaboration Pierce O'Callaghan - IRL)