14/03/2020   Ivano Frankivsk (UKR): Balkan Race Walking Championships and Winter race Walking Championships of Ukraine



Finally, after days of cancellations and postponements, we are dealing with some races.
Today the 2020 Balkan Race Walk Championships are taking place in Ivano-Frankivsk (UKR).
The schedule program includes (local time, +1 CET):
- 9:20: 35km road walk men and women (including U23) - valid only for in winter championships of Ukraine
- 9:27: 5km U18 women - valid only for in winter championships of Ukraine
- 10:02: 10km U18 and U20 men
- 11:06: 10km U20 women
- 14:00: 20km senior men 
- 14:20: 20km senior women 
35km men (Winter Championships of Ukraine)
Dmytro Sobchuck (UKR) goes straight to lead the race shortly after the start, gaining twenty meters. The pase is about 4:40/km.

- from 5km to 10km
Dmytro Sobchuck (UKR) takes the lead in 22:09, followed by Anton Radko (UKR) and Serhiy Budza (UKR). More behind the others.
Immediately after 5km the trio is joined by Andriy Herchkovskyy (UKR) who will then come off on a subsequent change of pace by Anton Radko (UKR). VHe wwill be after DQed.
Budka, Radko, Sobchuck and Serhiy Susik (UKR) pass 10km in the lead
- from 10km to 20km
Towards 13km in the lead group Serhiy Budza (UKR) takes charge of making the pace. The others follow him with Susik a few meters away.
Towards 18km Susik is detached about ten meters from the three leaders, always led by Budza.
At 20km Serhiy Budza and Anton Radko pass in the lead together
About ten meters away follows Dmytro Sobchuck in
- from 20km to 30km
Towards 25km the lead pair Serhiy Budza and Anton Radko lead the race with a pace betwee 4:25/4:30km


The two are together up to 26km. Shortly after Budza pforce again the pace between 26 and 27km (4:15) and detaches Anton Radko (4:24). The next km is covered in 4:22 from Budza and 4:25 from Radko.
In the last 5km the situation has not changed
Victory for Serhiy Budza (UKR) in 2:37:18
Second place to Anton Radko (UKR) in 2:37:38
Third place went to Dmytro Sobchuck (UKR) in 2:40:07
35km women (Winter Championships of Ukraine)


- At 5 km Valentyna Mironchuk (UKR) is leadind. She has a small advantage on Oksana Kulahina (UKR) e Oleksandra Olyanovska (UKR).

- At 10 km is always in the lead Valentyna Mironchuk (UKR) 

- At 20 km is always in the lead Valentyna Mironchuk (UKR)

In the meantime U23 Yana Farina (UKR) has catched Oksana Kulahina (UKR) and tries to undermine Oleksandra Olyanovska's second position.

He succeeds only in part for the third position shortly after the 20km thanks also to a slight crisis of the Kulanina.
Victory to Valentyna Mironchuk (UKR) in 2:56:34
Second place to Oleksandra Olyanovska (UKR) in 3:15:20
Third place to Yana Farina (UKR) in 3:16:18





10km U18 allievi 


Great Turkey which score twice, and third and fourth place for Greece.
Victory to Mazlum Demir (TUR) in 43:19
These are his split times every kilometer:

- 1km: 4:21

- 2km: 8:39

- 3km: 12:53

- 4km: 17:03

- 5km: 21:25

- 6km: 26:05

- 7km: 30:17

- 8km: 34:33

- 9km: 39:02

- lastkm in 4:17


Second place ti Mert Kahraman (TUR) in 44:07

Third place to Alexandros Mortzakis (GRE) in 45:34 in front of the team mate Aristotelis Bousdas (GRE) in 45:34.




10km U20 men

Great battle for the victory between Taras Koretskyy (UKR) and Serhat Gungor (TUR).
The two were together up to 6km. Then the home athlete forced his pace and gradually gained ground.
Victory to Taras Koretskyy (UKR) in 42:55 new personal best (previous of 43:36 established in Antalya, TURon 16.2.2020)
These are his steps every kilometer:
- 1km: 4:20
- 2km: 8:39
- 3km: 12:52
- 4km: 17:03
- 5km: 21:20
- 6km: 25:41
- 7km: 29:58
- 8km: 34:13
- 9km: 38:34
- last km in 4:23
Second place to Serhat Gungor (TUR) in 43:08 new personal best (previous of 43:26 established in Antalya, TUR on 16.2.2020)
Third place to Ozgur Topsakal (TUR) in 44:06 (44:05.15) in front of Mykola Rushchak (UKR) in 44:11.
Also for Ozgur Topsakal cthere is the new personal best (previous of 44:00 established in Alexandropoulis, GRE on 20.4.2019)


10km U20 women
If the battle between U20 men was great, that between U20 women ended in the last meter of the race.
The contenders were, as predicted on the eve, Olga Fiaska (GRE), Songul Kocer (TUR) and home athlete Daryna Kasyan (URK)
These are their passages every kilometer:
- 1km: 4:50
- 2km: 9:32
- 3km: 14:18
- 4km: 19:05
- 5km: 23.53
- 6km: 28:42
- 7km: 33:38
- 8km: 38:29
- 9km: 43:14
- last km in 4:24
The three athletes are still together at the last km with Songul Kocer (TUR) and Daryna Kasyan (URK) in the lead and behind Olga Fiaska (GRE). But they have to deal with the final speed of the last km of the Greek athlete.
Victory to Olga Fiaska (GRE) in 47:38
Songul Kocer (TUR) crosses the finish line in second position in 47:39 slightly in front of Daryna Kasyan (URK) in 47:39.
But it's not over. After a subsequent verbal protest there is a re-reading of the finish which establishes that the arrival order between the second and third athlete must be inverted.
20km men (Balkan Championship)
The group of favorites is immediately in the lead.

- at 5km
Ivan Losev (UKR) leads the race in 20:22.
Follow him Georgiy Sheiko (KAZ) who competes off the rank of the Balkan Championships in 20.32
Together with Sheiko there is Edurd Zabuzhenko (UKR) 20:33.
A little further behind the two athletes from Tirchia: Abduselam Imuk (TUR) in 20:43 and Selman Ilhan (TUR) in 20:53.
Alexandros Papamichail (GRE) passes in sixth position in 21:05.
- between 5km and 15km
Eduard Zabuzhenko (UKR) reaches Ivan Losev (UKR) shortly before 8km.
At 8km they pass: Zabuzhenko in 32:34 and Losev in 32:36 follows Sheiko in 32.48.
At 10km the leader is Ivan Losev (40:34) ahead of Eduard Zabuzhenko (40:37).
Georgiy Sheiko follows in 41:03 and Abduselam Imuk inn 41:23.
Zabuzhenko reaches Losev at 12km and passes it. At 13km he has a 4" lead. Sheiko and Imuk are always behind.
At 15km: Zabuzhenko (1:00:40), Losev (1:01:00), Sheiko (1:01:23), Imuk (1:02:21) e Ilhan (1:03:23)
- last 5km
The race of the first three continues regularly up to 18km.
Shortly before 19km Abduselam Imuk (TUR) reaches and passes Georgiy Sheiko.
Victory for Eduard Zabuzhenko (UKR) in 1:20:46
Second place to Ivan Losev (UKR) in 1:22:46
Third place to Abduselam Imuk (TUR) in 1:23:46
Off the charts eorgiy Sheiko (KAZ) is fourth in 1: 24.06 and precedes Selman ilhan (TUR) who finishes in 1:25:20
20km women (Balkan Championship)




- at 5km


Leader of the 20km of balkan Championships is Antigoni Drisbioti (GRE) in 22:11.

Follows: Mariya Filiuk-Saharuk (UKR) in 22:13 together with Hanna Suslik-Shevchuk. 

Behind there is Panagiota Tsinopoulou (GRE) in 22:25.



- between 5km and 15km

At 10km the passage takes place in the following order: Drisbioti (44:19), Filiuk-Saharuk (44:55), Tsinopoulou (44:59) and Suslik-Shevchuk (45:03)
At 15km they pass in the following order: Drisbioti (1:07:08), Filiuk-Saharuk (1:07:33, Tsinopoulou (1:08:08) and Suslik-Shevchuk (1:08:29)
- last 5km
Mariya Filiuk-Saharuk (UKR) tries at all costs to catch Drisbioti. He wants home victory in the Balkan. He will succeed in the last km.
At 19km the Greek still has a small 13" lead.
Victory for Mariya Filiuk-Saharuk (UKR) in 1:30:22
Second place to Antigoni Drisbioti in 1:30:25
Third place to Panagiota Tsinopoulou in 1:31:39
Two athletes who only competed for the Ukranian Winter Championships, who remained in the lead throughout the race, were the first to cross the finish line:
Lyudmyla Olyanowksa (UKR) in 1:29:13
Olena Mizernuk-Sobchuk (UKR) in 1:29:54