31/03/2020   At the end, Wajima was also canceled




And unfortunately Wajima also capitulated.

It was the last 50km of this first part of the season that should have taken place.
It was the last race of the Japanese triptych of Kobe, Nomi and Wajima in which the walkers of Japan would be selected (together with Takahata) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
This year would have been the 104th edition, which for more than a thirty years has been taking place in the charming town of the prefecture of Ishihawa.
This crazy and insane spring of 2020 has also taken away the remaining hopes of seeing the Japanese 50km battleship at work among the cherry trees of Wajima, canceling the efforts of the local municipality that had tried in every way to resist, canceling the side races, but keeping only the main one standing.
Yesterday evening the press release that the 2020 race was canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We take this opportunity to also inform our readers of the following:
- Apr 18 (Sat), 2020: International Race Walk Meeting, Zaniemysl, Poland (20km): will probably be postponed to mid-June;
- Apr 19 (Sun), 2020: Hungarian 20km Race Walk Championships, Békéscsaba, Hungary (20km) has been permanently canceled.
Over the years, the Wajima race had become increasingly important in the 50km world scene.
In order to give our readers the sense of this importance we have summarized in this table the last 15 Wajima winners (from 2005 to 2019) comparing them with the world lists of the season.

Year Wajima winner Mark


of the year

Year leader Mark
2005 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:50:39 31 YU Choahong (CHN) 3:36:06
2006 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:43:38 9 DEAKES Nathan (AUS) 3:35:47
2007 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:47:40 15 SCHWAZER Alex (ITA) 3:36:04
2008 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:41:55 8 NIZHEGORODOV Denis (RUS) 3:34:14
2009 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:40:12 3 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:38:45
2010 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:46:56 5 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:40:37
2011 MORIOKA Koichiro (JAP) 3:44:45 9 SI Tianfeng (CHN) 3:38:48
2012 YAMAZAKI Yuki (JAP) 3:41:47 7 TALLENT Jared (AUS) 3:36:53
2013 TANII Takayuki (JAP) 3:44:25 11 HEFFERNAN Robert (IRL) 3:37:56
2014 TANII Takayuki (JAP) 3:41:32 7 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:32:33
2015 ARAI Hirooki (JPN) 3:40:20 2 TOTH Matej (SVK) 3:34:38
2016 TANII Takayuki (JAP) 3:44:12 17 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:37:48
2017 ARAI Hirooki (JPN) 3:47:18 21 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:33:12
2018 NODA Tomohiro (JPN) 3:45:56 9 DINIZ Yohann (FRA) 3:39:47
2019 SUZUKI Yusuke (JPN) 3:39:07 5 KAWANO Masatora (JPN) 3:36:45