27/06/2020   Banska Bystrica (SVK): Victories of Leo Kopp (GER) and Viktoria Madarasz (HUN)




The meeting that marked the return to the walking races in the city of Slovakia was held in Banska Bystrica (SVK).
The route on the road was a bit different from the standards to which we are accustomed in that in the race circuit it measured 443m.
The athletes first covered an initial section of 254m and then completed 22 laps of the circuit (another 9.846m) to end the official race distance of 10km.
10km men
Race fought between Leo Kopp (GER) and Miroslav Uradnik (SVK) who fought from start to finish.
They passed halfway through the race (5,127m) in 21:33 and Vit Hlavac (CZE) was also with them, while Miklos SRP (HUN) was already very distant and passed through at 22:10.
The trio remained together until 6.456m when Kopp and Uradnik forced the pace (one lap in 1:47).
At three laps from the end the two are still together (8,671m in 36:07).
Leo Kopp (GER) continues forcing his pace in the next two laps gaining a few meters, and the slight advantage expands on the last lap to become 5".
Victory to Leo Kopp (GER) in 41:11
Second place to Miroslav Uradnik (SVK) in 41:16
Third place in Vit Hlavac (CZE) in 42:22


10km women
Quite easy the victory of Viktoria Madarasz (HUN) who was in the company of Maria Czakova (SVK) up to the 2,469m passed in 11:30-11: 31.
Halfway through the race (5.127m), the Hungarian athlete passes in 23:55 with a 7” advantage over the main opponent. Third is Tereza Durdiakova (CZE) who passes in 24:21 with a further delay of 19".
The positions will no longer change and even the gaps between the first athletes will remain more or less identical until the end.
Victory for Viktoria Madarasz (HUN) in 46:52
Second place to Maria Czakova (SVK) in 47:02
Third place in Tereza Durdiakova (CZE) in 47:58

In the results section also the results of the U20 (10km men and women) and U18 races (10km men and 5km women).
The 5km took place with an initial stretch of 127m plus 11 laps of 443m.