13/07/2020   Capavenir-Vosges (FRA): David Kuster wins the 5.000m track with the new personal best of 19:32.11




Since the beginning of July, despite the strict health protocols, the athletics tracks are gradually resuming their activity. Of course, competitions are limited.
And so also in France where in the first official post-containment outing in Thaon-les-Vosges on Sunday 12 July David Kuster (FRA) ventured into a 5,000m track walk.
Thaon-les-Vosges offered David Kuster the opportunity to return to racing and the pleasure of putting a number on his chest. The aim was to move closer to preparing its goals for the second half of the year, and we must say that the goal has been fully achieved.
5.000m track walk men
The silver medal of the last French indoor championships of Liévin (19:54.65 on March 1, 2020) this time succeeded in what had been the goal he had come to seek: a performance that had improved the personal pest of the athlete (19:50.22) who dated back to April 29, 2019 when he was established in Reims (FRA)
Crossing the finish line in 19:32.11, David Kuster then broke his personal best. A good reward also for his current coaches Laurent Heitz and Richard Weber.
Among other things, this performance is even better than a few seconds of 19:34.18 which is, at the moment, the athlete's personal best on indoor distance.



Second place to Philippe Bibet (FRA) in 23:39.80
Third place to David Durand-Pichard in 24:58.81
"I am really satisfied, because breaking such a record after a resumption of racing is fantastic, knowing that I am not doing the specific 5000 right now. It shows that I have a good reserve of speed. Especially since there was an international judge (editor's note: Emmanuel Tardi - FRA) who technically validated the progress made with the coaches" said David Kuster.
David Kuster's next race is expected to be a 10km next weekend in Montreux, Switzerland. An additional phase in his preparation that will also take him through Elite France on the same distance before the real goal of this end of 2020: the 50km in Tilburg, The Netherlands in early October.
3.000m. track walk women
Victory to Laure Thiebaut (FRA) in 15:53.05
Second place to Valerie Boban (FRA) in 16:03.82
Third place to Nathalie Chretien (FRA) in 16:43.12
(All photos except the cover photo are by Emmanuel Tardi - FRA)