24/07/2020   Jinzhou (CHN): pre-Olympic aptitude tests for women in China



In the news of presentation of the Trophy of the Provinces of Jinzhou (CHN) we had also given a hint at the news that in the days preceding the competitions all the athletes on the list of participants will be subjected to the buffer COVID-19.

But that's not enough.
Another interesting topic put in place the Olympic Committee of China are a series of aptitude tests to which all candidates for China's Olympic national team are subjected.
Those of women who are involved in:
- 30 meters of sprint race
- vertical jump from piezoelectric platform from a standstill
A friend of ours whom we thank has sent us the video clips of the Qieyang Shenjie tests that we offer to our readers.
It seems all too evident that the vice-world champion of Doha 20km, in the test of the vertical jump from standstill also had fun, given her mega final smile.
For the record, Qieyang Shenjie obtained:
- 30m crun in 5.10/100
- jumped from a standstill: cm. 44.70


All 10 pre-olympic tests












in addition to these eight there are finally the Body Mass Index and 3.000m run (Cooper Test)



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