27/07/2020   Budapest (HUN): Bence Venyercsan and Viktoria Madarasz win the 36th Hungarian Cup




On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July, the 36th Hungarian Track and Field Athletics Cup was held at the Iharos Sándor Atlétikai Pálya in Budapest.
The two walking events took place on the 5.000m track, a distance that has become usual in this post COVID-19 season, on the evening of 25.7.2020.
5.000m track walk men
Ten athletes at the start.
The fight between Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) and the bearded Miklos Domomkos Srp (HUN) is interesting.
The first one boasts a personal best on the distance of 20:07.64 established in Budapest (HUN) on 30.6.2017, while the personal best of the second is 20:50.05. Curious is the fact that these two personal bests were obtained in the 2017 Honved Cup edition when Venyercsan ranked second and Srp finished third.
The rivalry between the two for victory is therefore imaginable.
At the and also this time Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) prevailed in 20:47.79
Second place in iklos Domomkos Srp (HUN) in 20:56.31
Third place to the young Norbert Toth (HUN) in 21:03.67 which establishes the new personal best (previous of 21:48.34, also established in Budapest on 21.6.2019)


5.000m track walk women
Five athletes at the start.
Undisputed victory for Viktoria Madarasz (HUN) in 22:02.58 which boasts a personal best of 21:02.72 also obtained in the 2017 edition of the Honved cup.
Second place to Barbara Kovacs (HUN) in 22:48.40 which gets the new personal best (previous of 22: 50.06 obtained in Székesfehérvár, HUN on 09.9.2019).
Third place ito Rita Recsei (HUN) in 23:41.33
(Thanks to Anett Torma, HUN for the co-operation)


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