31/08/2020   Alessandria (ITA). Good results from Tontodonati and Chiesa; best seasonal U18 world performance for Diego Giampaolo





Satisfaction for the organizers of the Alexandria Meeting on the march, even if in the past few days some misunderstanding had hinted at a not high level participation.
It would seem that the meeting originally planned a men's 10,000m on the track to test some athletes on their return from an altitude period in Livigno.
It was then discovered that the race would take place, as for women, on the shorter distance of 5.000m. for which some have given up.
5.000m track walk men
Until the last, the only prominent name entered was that of Federico Tontodonati (ITA) who this year is followed by Alessandro Gandellini, in addition to that of U18 Diego Giampaolo (ITA)
Then evidently among some athletes the invitation of some coaches not to waste the day trying to get a good result even on the shorter distance prevailed among some athletes.
With the entry of Stefano Chiesa (ITA), 50km specialist, the race has taken on a value of greater interest, also due to the good technical result obtained by the first two.
The victory went to Federico Tontodonati in 19:34.6 who covered the 5.000m with these partials:
- 1.000m: 4:00
- 2.000m: 7:51 (3:51)
- 3.000m: 11.47 (3:56)
- 4.000m: 15:40 (3:53)
- last 1.000m in 3:54.6
Good performance by Tontonati, who on his return from the altitude stage was able to approach his personal best of 19:26.86 recorded in Chivasso (ITA) on 10.9.2017 by just under 8". At the moment, and without any last minute surprises, Federico Tontodonati's performance is the seventh seasonal world performance of this crazy 2020, over this distance on track.

Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
18:53.19 Aleksandr LIAKHOVICH BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 01 AUG 2020
19:06.68 Perseus KARLSTRÖM SWESWE Melbourne (AUS) 07 MAR 2020
19:23.88 Ihor HLAVAN UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:25.92 Oleh SVYSTUN UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:26.08 Mikita KALIADA BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 01 AUG 2020
19:29.40 Nazar KOVALENKO UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:34.6h Federico TONTODONATI ITAITA Alessandria (ITA) 26 AUG 2020
19:35.01 Viktor SHUMIK UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:35.97 Anatoliy GOMELEV BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 01 AUG 2020
10  19:38.37 Aleksi OJALA FINFIN Espoo (FIN) 05 AUG 2020
In contrast to Tontodonati was the interesting race of Stefano Chiesa (ITA) who touches his personal best of 19:55.18 obtained in Trento (ITA) on 25.7.2017, with an excellent 19:59.9
Certainly, however, the most interesting result is the third place of Diego Giampaolo (ITA) in 21:40.3 which gets the new personal best (previous of 22:06.97 obtained in Viterbo, ITA on 12.10.2019 for this young man born on 29.2.2004.
This performance puts him at the top of the seasonal world ranking on 5.000m on the track, overtaking Jaromir Moravek (CZE) who at the beginning of the month (8.8.2020) had scored an excellent 21:46.26 in Rumburk (CZE). Compliments.

  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
21:40.3h Diego GIAMPAOLO ITAITA Alessandria (ITA) 26 AUG 2020
21:46.26 Jaromír MORÁVEK CZECZE Rumburk (CZE) 08 AUG 2020
21:55.48 Pedro DIAS PORPOR Quarteira (POR) 18 JAN 2020
22:03.40 Tiago RAMOS PORPOR Quarteira (POR) 18 JAN 2020
22:46.14 Levente GONDA HUNHUN Budapest (HUN) 01 AUG 2020
22:48.78 Heath BEVERIDGE AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 28 FEB 2020
22:50.15 Adam ZAJÍČEK CZECZE Rumburk (CZE) 08 AUG 2020
22:52.66 Daniel MONFORT ESPESP Castellón (ESP) 29 JUL 2020
22:56.0h Robert HURDÁLEK CZECZE Nové Město nad Metují (CZE) 11 JUL 2020
10  22:57.07 Raivo LININS LATLAT Ventspils (LAT) 23 JUL 2020


5.000m track walk women
Victory for Sara Vitiello (ITA) who covered the 5.000m in 23: 47.0 with these partials:
- 1.000m: 4:35
- 2.000m: 9:15 (4:40)
- 3.000m: 14:05 (4:50)
- 4.000m: 18:54 (4:49)
- last 1.000m in 4: 53.0
Also for her, she touched the personal best of 23:43.43 established in Modena (ITA) on 20.5.2017.
Second place in Rosetta La Delfa (ITA) in 24:36.5
Third place in Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) in 24:52.4