06/09/2020   Voronovsky (RUS): At 50km of Russian Championships, Lashmanova (3:50:42) and Cheparev (3:43:28)



The Russian walking championship, which takes place this weekend in Voronovsky (RUS), started today with the 50km race.
50km men
Dementiy Cheparev (RUS) won in men over this distance with the best result of the season in the world - 3:43.29 approaching his personal best (3:43:05) set in Cherboksary on 10.6.2017.
Last year, Dementiy was disqualified from the national championship for breaking the rules after 30km so today's gold is more enjoyable and a good result.
Second place for Sergey Sharypov (RUS) in 3:43:46. Also for him non far from the personal best (3:43:36) which was obtained in Cheboksary on 15.6.2019
Third place went to Sergey Rakov (RUS) who at his first 50km obtained an excellent 3:48:37. This year in Sochi (RUS) at the winter championships this young Russian athlete (born on 13.6.1999) had stopped the clock in 35km in 2:30:12
50km women
Certainly that of Yelena Lashmanova (RUS) was the best result of the women's category of the season who won with an impressive time: 3:50:42
New national record of Russia and the best result of the season in the world.
The previous Russian record (3:57:08) also set in Cheboksary on 15.6.2019, belonged to Klavdia Afanasyeva (RUS).
It should also be noted that today's result of Yelena Lashmanova is below the world record set by Liu Hong (CHN) in Huangshan in 3:59:15 on 9.3.2019. The absence of international judges given the current restrictive rules on Russia will prevent the homologation of this result as an Area and World record, but only as a record for Russia.

Below split times each 5km of Yelena Lashmanova:

- 5km: 22.55

10km: 45.51 (22:56)

15km: 1:08.44 (22:53)

20km: 1:31.46 (23:02)

25km: 1:54.40 (23:04)

30km: 2:17.29 (22:49)

35km: 2:40.22 (22:53)

40km: 3:03.16 (22:54)

45km: 3:26.36 (23:20)

- 50km: 3:50.42 (24:06)

Second place to Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) finished second in 3:59:56.
Also for her exceptional improvement and new personal best that destroys the previous one (4:05:58), always established in Cheboksary on 15.6.2019
Finally third step of the podium to Anastasiya Kalashnikova (RUS) in 4:18:26 at his first 50km.
Note that for the first time in history, two female athletes in the same competition finished the distance of 50 km in less than 4 hours.


The other events
20km men
Victory to Vasily Mizinov (RUS) in 1:19:09
Second place to Sergey Kozhevnikov (RUS) in 1:22:02
Third place to Evgeniy Dobrynkin (RUS) in 1:22.38
Fourth place to Maxim Krasnov (RUS) in 1:22:46


20km U20 and U23 men



Victory to Alexander Garin (RUS) in 1:22:53

Second place to Nikolay Maximov (RUS) in 1:23:06

Third place to Ivan Baburkin (RUS) in 1:23:23

Fourth place to Alexey Ishmametyev (RUS) in 1:23:57


20km women



Victory to Elvira Hasanova (RUS) in 1:27:45

Second place to Reyan Kagramanova (RUS) in 1:28:32

Third place to Julia Turova (RUS) in 1:29:57




20km U20 and U23 women



Victory to Daria Golubechkova (RUS) in 1:28:43

Second place to Sofia Tymoshenko (RUS) in 1:33:07

Third place to Maria Hadeeva (RUS) in 1:23:23



10km U20 men



Victory to Kirill Grudkin (RUS) in 40:41

Second place to Sergey Kozhevnikov (RUS) in 41:21

Third place to Ilya Korchemkin (RUS) in  41:40




10km U20 women



Victory to Daria Chernova (RUS) in 47:46

Second place to Alina Shishkova (RUS) in 49:13

Third place to Anastasia Slivar (RUS) in 49:17




Full official results in the section Results or directly  download from this link: click here