05/09/2020   Ekrem Kocak (TUR): Another Turkish record for Salih Korkmaz (39:26.92) and excellent result for Evin Demir (44:43.85)



The Ekrem Kocak Track Athletics Championships in Turkey saw a great walking competition.
10.000m track walk men
Victory and high performance to Salih Korkmaz who stopped the clock in 39:26.92, a new record for Turkey.
Korkmaz, who is coached by Tatyana Sibileva (RUS), passed in the middle of the race in 19:43.23 (only a week ago he set the personal best on 5.000m in 19:30.79 in Bursa, TUR).
He then continued with the same pace (seconds 5.000m in 19:56.13) improving his personal best of 39:31.96 established a month ago (4.8.2020) in Bursa (TUR) by five seconds and 4/100.
Second place to Sahin Senoduncu (TUR) in 41:08.01. Also for him new personal best, previous of 42:12.61 obtained on 24.7.2016 in Trabzon (TUR).
Third place to Cumali Arslan (TUR) category U23 in 46:17.93. Also for him new personal best, previous of 46:46.02 obtained on 9.8.2020 in Ankara (TUR).





10.000m women walk women
Great race of the silver medal at the 2019 Boras U20 European Championships (born on 16.2.2001).
Evin Demir, the young Turkish girl managed, not yet twenty, to stop the clock on the double distance in 44:43.85 which is very close to the Turkish record of Meryem Bekmez (44:17.69) with an advance of almost two minutes.
For her too, the passage in the middle of the race was very fast (22: 01.83) and then slowed down a bit in the second 5.000m covered in 22:42.02.
Second place to U23 Seçil Akpinar (TUR) in 54:49.44

Third place to Selin Cadir (TUR) in 568:50.71.




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