06/09/2020    71/5000 Alba (ITA) - Excellent results by Federico Tontodonati and Riccardo Orsoni




Finally, even in Italy we are back on track.
After the 10,000m track walk held in Molfetta (18.7.2020) and Trieste (6.8.2020) some 5,000m on track followed in Molfetta (25.7.2020 and again 1.8.2020), La Spezia (30.7.2020), Vittorio Veneto (1.8.2020) and Alessandria (26.8.2020).
On the evening of Friday 4.9.2020 the Marco Florio Memorial was held in Alba (Cuneo) in an evening dedicated to the specialties of "middle distance and walking"
5.000m track walk men
The winner was Federico Tontodonati (ITA) with a mark of 19:38.98.
It was the second test in a few days over this distance for the Air Force athlete after 19:34.6 on 26 August in Alessandria.
These are his split times each 1.000m:
- 1.000m: 4:01.3
- 2.000m: 8:01.1 (3:59.8)
- 3.000m: 12:01.0 (3:59.9)
- 4.000m: 15:52.0 (3:51.0)
- last 1.000m in 3:46.98

Below is the seasonal world list up to date


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
18:53.19 Aleksandr LIAKHOVICH BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 01 AUG 2020
19:06.68 Perseus KARLSTRÖM SWESWE Melbourne (AUS) 07 MAR 2020
19:23.88 Ihor HLAVAN UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:25.92 Oleh SVYSTUN UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:25.94 Callum WILKINSON GBRGBR Manchester (GBR) 05 SEP 2020
19:26.08 Mikita KALIADA BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 01 AUG 2020
19:29.40 Nazar KOVALENKO UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020
19:30.79 Salih KORKMAZ TURTUR Bursa (TUR) 29 AUG 2020
19:34.6h Federico TONTODONATI ITAITA Alessandria (ITA) 26 AUG 2020
10  19:35.01 Viktor SHUMIK UKRUKR Lutsk (UKR) 15 AUG 2020



In the race in Alba, behind the winner, Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) stood out as he stopped the clock in 19:54.99, subtracting 1:28.58 from the previous personal best of 21:15.57 set in Pavia on 22.9.2018.
Third place to Daniele Viglione in 25:11:22




5.000m track walk women
Victory to Alessia Gallino (ITA) in 25:53.55
Second place to Sara Perotti (ITA) in 26:52.50
Third place to Elisa Giuliani (ITA) in 27:23.00
We take this opportunity to report two upcoming walking competitions:
- 10.9.2020 - Bergamo: a regional race walk meeting by invitation
- 13.9.2020 - Trieste: the 22nd Rodolfo Crasso memorial with an intense walking program including 5.000m and 10.000m track walk. To honor the memory of the late Honorary President and Founder of the Club, the San Giacomo Sports Group is also giving away interesting cash prizes for the 10,000m track race.