10/09/2020   Bergamo (ITA): Victories of Valentina Trapletti and Federico Tontodonati




On Sunday 1 March 2020 Bergamo was supposed to host the Italian 50km Championship, valid as a selection for the Olympic Games.
Unfortunately, a few days earlier the Italian Government following the growing resurgence of COVID-19 imposed closure due to the health emergency.
The province of Bergamo was one of what we can define as a "martyr province" of the pandemic with 15.529 cases and over 3.000 deaths.
Today they are trying to turn the page, with the first edition of the Bergamo City Race Walking Meeting when just over a month is left for the Absolute Italian Championships that will be held during the Endurance festival in Modena on 17-18 October.
And so in the afternoon at the Francesco Putti sports field, starting at 6:30pm, a series of U16 track walk events (on the distances of 3.000m for women and 5.000m for men) and two majior events were held on the 10.000m track walk reserved for women and men.
10.000m track walk women
Women are the first to start.
The presence of Valentina Trapletti (ITA) is one of those that makes itself felt with a personal best of 44:04.94 established in Trieste on the occasion of the National Championships on 30.6.2017.
And so it is throughout the race with the following split times.

- 1.000m: 4:21.5

- 2.000m: 8:44.0 (4:22.5)

- 3.000m: 13:11.0 (4:27.0)

- 4.000m: 17:40.8 (4:29.8)

- 5.000m: 22:11.3 (4:30.5)

- 6.000m: 26:39.1 (4:27.8)

- 7.000m: 31:06.7 (4:27.6)

- 8.000m: 35:35.2 (4:28.5)

- 9.000m: 40:05.0 (4:29.8)

- last 1.000m in 4:16:14 

With incredible regularity (one flexion towards the middle of the race and another towards the ninth kilometer) the strong athlete coached by Enzo Fiorillo has no difficulty in winning in the unofficial mark of 44:21.14.
This mark today represents the best seasonal performance over distance worldwide.



  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
1 44:21.14 Valentina TRAPLETTI ITA ITA Bergamo (ITA) 10 SEP 2020
2 44:28.87 Antigoni DRISBIOTI GREGRE Thessaloniki (GRE) 19 JUL 2020
44:34.5h Anežka DRAHOTOVÁ CZECZE Melbourne (AUS) 12 JAN 2020
44:43.31 Anna TERLYUKEVICH BLRBLR Minsk (BLR) 31 JUL 2020
44:43.85 Evin DEMİR TURTUR Istanbul (TUR) 05 SEP 2020



Second place to Federica Curiazzi (ITA) in 46:17.72
Third place to Martina Casiraghi (ITA) in 49:24.14



10.000m track walk men
The parterre was one of the interesting ones with Federico Tontodonati, Riccardo Orsoni, Stefano Chiesa, Gabriele Gamba and Aldo Andrei, who starts immediately in the lead at an amazing pace (the first two laps were unofficially clocked 1:36 and 1:38).
He will soon raise the white flag and later he will abandon.
The race will therefore become interesting under the pressure of Federico Tontodonati (ITA) who has put together a series of laps at an interesting pace.
His split times each 1.000m are as follows:
- 1.000m: 4:03.7
- 2.000m: 8:04.5 (4:00.8)
- 3.000m: 12:08.4 (4:03.9)
- 4.000m: 16:07.4 (3:59.0)
- 5.000m: 20:07.3 (3:59.9)
- 6.000m: 24:05.2 (3:57.9)
- 7.000m: 28:03.9 (3:58.7)
- 8.000m: 32:00.2 (3:56.3)
- 9.000m: 35:57.5 (3:57.3)
- last 1.000m in 3:50.64
Halfway through the race Stefano Chiesa (ITA) is already detached and shortly after he will decide to abandon.
Riccardo Orsoni (ITA), Giaacomo Brandi (ITA), Leonardo Dei Tos (ITA) will remain to compete for the other positions on the podium.
In the end the second place will be the prerogative of Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 40:51.02
For the young first year U23 this performance represents the new personal best on distance with a clear improvement (1: 00.69) on the previous one of 41: 51.71 obtained in Boras (SWE) on 21.7.2019.
Third place to Giacomo Brandi (ITA) in 41:07.18 also for him new personal best, previous of 41:42.17 obtained in Agropoli (ITA) on 1.6.2018.
Fourth place to Leonardo Dei Tos (ITA) in 41:12.96 an athlete who has been dedicating himself in particular to the 50km for some time.
It's nice to see three young athletes under 42:00.00.
We want to spend a few more seconds on three local athletes who have all obtained the personal best:
- Juriy Micheletti (1998) in 42:01.82 (previous of 43:24.8 obtained in Rieti, ITA on 7.6.2019)
- Gabriele Gamba (2002) in 42:39.64 (previous of 43:52.66 obtained in Agropoli, ITA on 22.6.2019)
- Daniele Breda (2002) in 42:54.98 (previous of 44:28.30 obtained in Bergamo, ITA on 14.7.2019).