13/09/2020   Madrid (ESP): Antia Chamosa and Alvaro Martin are the new Spanish Champions




Today and tomorrow the Absolute Spanish Championships are underway in Spain, now in their 100th edition.
Due to COVID-19, the athletics specialties have been divided into four stages to ensure greater safety:
- the throws will take place in Moratalz
- the jumps will take place in Alcobendas
- the speed and hurdles will take place in Getafe
- the Vallehermoso stadium in Madrid hosts pole vaulting, multiple events, middle distance, long distance and walking.
The walking races are scheduled:
- women's race: today Saturday 12 September 2020 at 20:30
- men's race: tomorrow 12 September at 20:00
The record of Spain, which is also the record of the Championships, belongs to Raquel Gonzalez Campos (absent this year) who set it on 23.7.2016 in Gijon in the historic edition that still sees three of the best all-time times on the distance we propose below


The best accreditation mark is that of Ainhoa Pinedo with a personal best of 45:44.53 also obtained in the memorable edition of Gijon, while this season she boasts only a 50:21.50 obtained in Torremolinos (ESP) on 29.8.2020.
10.000m track walk women
Quite slow start with the compact group up to 2.000m.
First 1.000m in 4:54.70 and seconds 1.000m in 9:43.48 (4:48:38) with the group led by Marina Sillero.
Marina Sillero force between 2.000m and 3.000m. Only Ainhoa ​​Pinedo and Antia Chamosa resist and pass in order.
- 3.000m in 14:30.63 (4:57.15)
- 4.000m in 19:21.47 (4:50.84)
- 5.000m in 24:12.42 (4:50:95)
After half race Ainhoa ​​Pinedo force the pace and only Antia Chamosa can resist, while Marina Sillero irremediably loses ground. For her, the race for gold is over.
At 6.000m there are two passing in 29:03.36 (4:50.94) with Antia Chamosa in the lead
Just before 7.000m Ainoha Pinedo has a drop and loses about ten meters which then tries to recover. She still does not know that the turning point of the race has been marked.
At 7.000m Antia Chamosa passes in 33:59.92 (4:55.93) with an advantage of about 10m.
At 8.000m Antia Chamosa passes in 38:50.00 (4:50.08) with a roughly 25m lead over Ainhoa ​​Pinedo. The game for gold can be considered closed.
At 9.000m. Antia Chamosa passes in 43:45.16 (4:55.16) has a lead of about 60m over Ainhoa ​​Pinedo.
With the last 1.000m covered in 4:50.04 Antia Chamosa (ESP) wins her first absolute championship of Spain in 48.35.20
Second place to Ainhoa ​​Pinedo in 48:49.43
Third place to Marina Sillero in 49:10.72







10.000m track walk men


Also in this case we start with the presentation of the best 10 all times distance results.






Immediately four leading the race: Alvaro Martin (ESP), Alex Wright (IRL), Manuel Corchete (ESP) and Mario Sillero Mesonero (ESP) who are together up to 2.000 with these split times:

- 1.000m: Martin in 4:09.88
- 2.000m: Martin in 8:15.50 (4:07.62)
Immediately after, Alex Wright takes the lead, while Manuel, Corchete loses about 5m and Mario Sillero further 10m. Alvaro Martin and Alex Wrigt walk soulder to shoulder until halfway through the race with the following intermediates:
- 3.000m in 12:28.23 (4:10.73)
- 4.000m in 16:39.77 (4:11.54)
- 5.000m in 20:48.35 (4:08.58)
Halfway through the race, Manuel Corchete who has two red cards against him is always about ten meters from the leader. Alex Wright instead uses only red cards against him.
The situation at the head of the race will no longer change. Alvaro Martin (ESP) will win in 41:42.59 with these subsequent split:
- 6.000m in 24:56.84 (4:08.49)
- 7.000m in 29:03.00 (4:06.16)
- 8.000m in 33:11.85 (4:08.85)
Immediately after, an unexpected event happens: Alex Wrigt who by now had separated from Alvaro Martin by about 20m is stopped by the jury in the Penalty Zone for three ded cards against him.
At the exit Manuel Corchete is in second position and Mario Sillero is in third position.
- 9.000m: Martin in 37:23.98 (4:12.13) only cares about the victory
- last 1.000m. in 4:18.71 leading him to conclude in 41: 42.59.
Second place to Mario Sillero in 42:34.26 who in the final laps manages to pass Manuel Corchete.
Third place to Luis Manuel Corchete in 42:43.52 who preceded Alex Wright (IRL) in 42:45.94





Full official results in the section Results or directly download from this link: click here