15/09/2020   Kosice (SVK): Matej Toth and Maria Czakova win the finals of the club league of Slovakia




It may seem strange, but between yesterday and today both working days and not dedicated to weekends, the finals of the Athletics Club Championships (Finále atletickej ligy) take place in Kosice (SVK).

Kosice city in the extreme south-east of Slovakia, which rises in the valley of the Hornad river (right tributary of the Tisza) is a city of about 250,000 inhabitants which is quite friendly to us.
Rich in sacred buildings of particular interest (the cathedral of St. Elizabeth with the Chapel of St. Michael), a beautiful state theater, and other beautiful palaces, Kosice, for the world of race walk, is known because in this city lives a lady who has been one of the nicest and most valid march judges on the European and world scene for over 15 years.
We are talking about Silvia Hanusova to whom Marcia dal Mondo is happy to send her special greeting through this news.
The two races of the final of the club championships took place on the track at distances of 5.000m (for men) and 3.000m (for women).
5.000m track walk men
All three candidates to victory were present: Matej Toth (SVK), Miroslav Uradnink (SVK) thirteen years younger, and Daniel Kovac (SVK) a very young athlete who is said very well.
And the three mentioned above shared the top three positions on the podium.
Victory to Matej Toth in 19:28.59 who boasts a personal best of 18:54.39 over the distance established in Banska Bystrica on 11.6.2011
Second place to Miroslav Uradnink in 20:05.25 and who here in Kosice just over a month and a half ago (25.7.2020) got his personal best of 19:36.36 in front of Matej Toth.
Third place to Daniel Kovac in 21:09.11 who instead obtained the personal best (previous of 21:10.01 obtained in Dubnica nad Vahom, SVK on 12.7.2020


"I felt great, just like in training. I had the race under control even if in the end I had to sponge myself a lot because of the heat.
However, I was very satisfied with the performance and obviously with the victory", said Matej Toth after the race.
3.000m track walk women
Another victory for Maria Czakova (SVK) in 13:22.89 who, however, obtained the personal best of 12.35.99 in Samorin meeting last week.
Second place to Klaudia Zarska (SVK) in 14:03.55, also with a personal best of 13:55.35 established in Samorin meeting last week.
Third place to Alzbeta Ragasova (SVK) in 14:23.63 and she too with a personal best of 14:06.07 established in Samorin meeting last week.