17/09/2020   Diyarbakir (TUR): another Turkish record for Salih Korkmaz





The magical moment of the march in Turkey does not stop.
Also on Wednesday 16 September 2020 there were club competitions (Ligi) sponsored by Spor Toto.
The races reserved for the U18, U20 and senior categories for both men and women were held in Diyarbakir (TUR) with manual timing.
5.000m track walk U18 girls
Nineteen athletes at the start.
Victory to Elif Nur Ozbey (TUR) in 26:52.2
Second place to Emine Ceylan (TUR) in 27:06.4
Third place to Aysenur Buse Gunaslan (TUR) in 27:13.1
5.000m track walk U20 women
Only five athletes at the start.
Victory in Evin Demir (TUR) in 23:06.0
Second place to Ayse Kilic (TUR) in 27:09.3
Third place to Leyle Isik (TUT) in 27:14.7


5.000m track walk senior women
Nine athletes at the start.
Victory similar to a walk for Meryem Bekmez (TUR) in 23:55.0
Second place to Kader Dost (TUR) in 24:25.3
Third place to Ayse Tekdal (TUR) in 25:39.2



5.000m track walk U18 boys
Twenty-two athletes at the start.
Victory in Mazlum Demir (TUR) in 22:30.0
Second place to Hayrettin Yıldız (TUR) in 24:13.2
Third place to Mehmet Gungor (TUR) in 24:35.7
5.000m track walk U20 men
Twenty-two athletes at the start.
Victory in Serhat Gungor (TUR) in 22:19.2
Second place to Mert Kahraman (TUR) in 22:21.4
Third place to Mustafa Tekdal (TUR) in 24:10.3
5.000m track walk senior men
Eleven athletes at the start.
The golden moment of Salih Korkmaz (TUR) continues and after setting the national record of Turkey on the short distance last 29.8.2020 (19: 30.79 in Bursa, TUR) is repeated here in Diyarbakir (TUR) albeit with timekeeping manual
His victory with thwe new record was clocked manually in 18:23.0
Second place in Sahin Senoduncu (TUR) in 20:00.1
Third place to Abduselam Imuk (TUR) in 20:20.3