26/09/2020   Warsaw (POL): Katarzyna Zdzieblo and Dawid Tomala win the 20km Championships of Poland



The National Championships of Poland of the 20km walk took place today in Warsaw (POL).
A rather painful and last-hour assignment given the last-hour retreat of Zaniemysl (POL) announced just ten days ago.
The competitions took place on the circuit located at the Josef Pilsudski University Physical Education Center in Warsaw.
20km women
In this race the best technical result of the day was obtained with the victory of Katarzyna Zdzieblo (POL) in 1:30:41.
Obviously for the not yet 24-year-old athlete from Poland this performance represents a new personal best that lowers the previous one (1:32:03) obtained in Zaniemysl (POL) on 13.4.2019 by 1:22.
With this result Katarzyna Zdzieblo ranks fifth in the all times women's ranking in Poland behind Agnieszka Dygacs (1:28:58), Katarzyna Burghardt (1:29:31), Paulina Buziak (1:29:41) and Sylvia Korzeniowska (1:30:31).
Second place to Agnieszka Ellward (POL) in 1:41:30
Third place to Olga Niedzialek (POL) in 1:42:11



20km men
Great fight until the end of the race between Dawid Tomala (POL) and Rafal Augustyn (POL).
Finally the victory smiles on Dawid Tomala who wins the title of Champion of Poland in 1:24:44
Second place to Rafal Augustyn (POL) in 1:24.52 separated by just 8” from the winner.
Third place to Lukasz Niedzialek (POL) in 1:26:25