27/09/2020   Békéscsaba (HUN): Mate Helebrandt and Barbara Kovacs champions of Hungary in the 20km




The National Road Walking Championships of Hungary took place this morning.
The official distances were many, but the main one was that of 20km men and women.
At these distances a 15km U20 female and a 15km U18 boys and also a 10km U18 girls were added.
To conclude the U16 and U14 competed on distances less than 8km
The championships were held in Békéscsaba in southeastern Hungary, near the Romanian border on a slightly windy and cool day, but in the absence of rain and bad weather.
20km men
The usual battle for victory between Hungary's two main walkers, Mate Helebrandt (1989) and Barnabas Venyercsan (1996).
Two weeks ago in Budapest in the Super League final, also thanks to a 1 minute stop in the penalty area, the youngest Barnabas Venyercsan won.
Today the situation has reversed.
Mate Helebrandt (HUN) won in 1:23.22 setting the season best over distance even if he failed to improve the personal best (1:22:31) or at least a performance under 1:23:00
Second place to Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) in 1:24:53 also for him season best
Third place to Miklos Domonkos Srp (HUN) in 1:27:22
In fourth place the young U20 Norbert Toth (year 2001) who instead signed the new personal best in 1:30:49 in addition to winning the U20 title. The precedent was obtained last year on the same circuit here in Békéscsaba on 28.4.2019.


20km women
Absent Viktoria Madarasz we witnessed an easy victory for Barbara Kovacs (HUN), local idol, in 1:34:20 also at the season best
Second place to Rita Recsei (HUN) in 1:40:14
Third place to Petra Rabné Recsei (HUN) in 1:49:54
The results of the other categories can be consulted from the link below.