18/10/2020   Modena (ITA): Simona Bertini and Davide Finocchietti win the Italian U20 walking championship; Giada Traina and Emiliano Brigante the one U18




The day of race walking in Modena begins with the U20 races.

10.000m U20 women
The favorites were three: Sara Buglisi, Simona Bertini and Martina Casiraghi
They immediately take the lead to lead the pack.
After a few laps Simona Bertini forces her pace and gains a few meters on the other two.
Towards the middle of the race, the advantage of the athlete from Bologna became more substantial.
The passage to 5.000m is 22:34.9
The race continues on this pace up to about 7,000m when the jury stops in the penalty zone for 60" Martina Casiraghi, who also says goodbye to the silver hypothesis.
Victory to Simona Bertini (ITA) in 46:59.
The athlete of Bologna coached by Luca Monteleone which, compared to last year's 10km in Podebrady, clears almost three minutes of personal best (49:41), and becomes the sixth Italian ever for the category.
Second place to Sara Buglisi (ITA) in 47:51
Third place to Martina Casiraghi (ITA) in 48:24



10.000m 20 men
Immediately after the first lap, a small group of four athletes formed at the head of the race, who among other things were the favorites of the race: Aldo Andrei, Davide Finocchietti, Andrea Cosi and Gabriele Gamba.
Behind them a few meters Daniele Breda and even more distant Giulio Scoli and Giorgio Gueli.
They pass in this order both at 2,000m and 3,000m.
At 4,000m Andrea Cosi leads the other three while Breda is about thirty meters behind.
They pass to 5,000
Andrea Cosi forces a bit with a very muscular march and Davide Finocchietti follows him a bit more fluid. Gabriele Gambe and then Aldo Andrei come off about two meters.
They continue with this pace.
At 9.000m the situation is the following: Davide Finocchietti and Andrea Cosi are about 10m ahead of Gabriele Gamba who in turn has another 10m advantage over Aldo Andrei.
On the last lap Davide Finocchietti forces the pace just enough to detach Andrea Cosi by about ten meters.
Victory to Davide Finocchietti (ITA) in 41:50
Second place to Andrea Cosi (ITA) in 42:05
Third place to Gabriele Gamba (ITA) in 42:39
Followed by Aldo Andrei (ITA) in 42:59 and Daniele Breda (43:35)
5.000m U18 girls


Victory to Giada Traina (ITA) in 24:14
Second place to Alexandrina Mihai (ITA) in 24:38
Third place to Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) in 25:03



10.000m U18 boys

It was supposed to be a three-way match between Emiliano Brigante, Pietro Pio Notaristefano and Diego Giampaolo given the absence of Nicola Lomuscio.
And so it was, and for about six kilometers it was also quite boring.
In fact, after the first two laps in which the three favorites were together Emiliano Brigante gradually began to increase his pace. In the following laps, both Diego Giampaolo and Pietro Pio Notaristefano progressively lost ground until the leader's advantage was close to 45 seconds.
We are about to witness a thrilling finale.
At this stage the jury has already noted two red cards alongside the bibs of Emiliano Brigante (two loss of contact: 15:02 and 15:04) and of Pietro Pio Notaristefano (one loss of contact, 15:06, and one bent knee, 15:08).
When the 34th minute of the race strikes (passing 8km) Emiliano Brigante is stopped, again for loss of contact in Penalty Zone. He has about 45" advantage over Diego Giampaolo who overtook Pietro Pio Notaristefano.
Brigante's coach (former walker now dedicated to marathons, Roberto Furlanic) yells at him to keep calm and get out of the area in progression without forcing his pace.
When the minute passes, the situation is as follows: Diego Giampaolo in the lead, with Pietro Pio Notaristefano at about 30 meters and another 50 meters after Emiliano Brigante.
Emiliano Brigante follows the providential suggestions of his coach, and try do walk in  progression.
Within half a lap he is again in the lead, while Diego Giampaolo breaks down and receives a red card for bent knee.
One lap is still missing and Emiliano Brigante manages his advantage of about ten seconds.
Victory to Emiliano Brigante (ITA) in 44:02 new personal best that improves the mark on track (44:83.84) obtained in Agropoli, ITA on 22.6.2019.
Second place to Diego Giampaolo (ITA) in 44:12 new personal best which improves the mark on road (44:27) obtained in Grosseto, ITA on 26.1.2020.
Third place to Pietro Pio Notaristefano (ITA) in 44:49 new personal best that improves the mark on road (45:04) obtained in Grosseto, ITA on 26.1.2020.