18/10/2020   Modena (ITA): Best Italian performance ever and best 2020 world performance on 10km by Antonella Palmisano - Francesco Fortunato wins in 39:06





The day of race walking in Modena continues with the senior and U23 events.

10km women walk
One of those historical records of race walk in Italy that dates back to 25.5.1997 falls.  It was established by Rossella Giordano in a beautiful day when she won the Naumburg International Race Walking Meeting in Naumburg (GER).
It was a record to remember because that result (among other things, obtained by beating the Russian monument Yelena Nikolayeva) was not enough for Rossella Giordano to be part of the national team of Italy that would participate in the World Championships in Athens.
Sandro Damilano, the national head coach at that time, who among other things was also the coach of Rossella Giordano, saw in the rest of the season a slight drop in form in his athlete as a result of a slight injury, and with a great courage excluded his athlete in favor of Anna Rita Sidoti.
We all know how it turned out. In Athens Anna Rita Sidoti won those World Championships, leading in the final on track from start to finish.
And today in Modena Antonella Palmisano who had already shown an excellent time last week in obtaining the Olympic standard on 20km (1:28:40) beats this record with a time of 41:28.

But that's not enough: this result in this crazy season also represents the best world distance performance (previous of 42:09 obtained in Voronovo, RUS by Marina Novikova, RUS last 23.8.2020).
Antonella Palmisano was always in the lead from start to finish.
Second place to Nicole Colombi (ITA) in 43:55
Third place to Mariavittoria Becchetti (ITA) in 44:40




10km walk U23 women
Victory to Beatrice Foresti (ITA) ion 48:54, eighth overall.
Second place to Vittoria Giordani (ITA) in 49:26, ninth overall
Third place went to Annachiara Paternicò (ITA) in 49:47, eleventh overall
10km men walk
A little more, but very little more, in the news of 10km reserved for males.
Immediately in the lead Francesco Fortunato in search of his 9th title of champion of Italy over distance, together with Federico Tontodonati.
But already halfway through the race it is clear that Frencesco Fortunato will no longer be reached.
Behind him: Federico Tontodonati, Andrea Agrusti, Leonardo Dei Tos, Riccardo Orsoni, Stefano Chiesa, and Marco de Luca.
The positions are consolidated with two small changes in the final race.
The first, the most important because it concerns the second position, sees Andrea Agrusti as the protagonist who manages to recover and detach Federico Tontodonati.
The second sees Stefano Chiesa as the protagonist who overtakes and detaches Leonardo Dei Tos.
Victory to Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 39:06.
For Francesco Fortunato this is the new personal best; previous of 40:03 established in Pescara (ITA) on 7.9.2019.
Second place to Andrea Agrusti (ITA) in 40:26
Also for Andrea Agrusti this is the new personal best; previous of 40:03 established in Pescara (ITA) on 7.9.2019.
Third place to Federico Tontodonati (ITA) in 40:31




10km U23 men walk
Victory to Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 41:02, sixth overall.
Second place to Juriy Micheletti (ITA) in 42:28, eighth overall
Third place went to Michele Disarò (ITA) in 44:00, thirteenth overall
(Photo by Francesca Grana for Fidal)