26/10/2020   Dudince (SVK): Victories of Matej Toth (SVK) and Agnieszka Ellward (POL)




As announced on Sunday 25 October the classic 50km of Dudince took place.
Not many athletes at the start but the results are interesting
50km men
Let's start immediately with the split times of Toth each 5km:

5 km: 22:30

10 km: 44:52 (22:22)

15 km: 1:07:13 (22:21)

20 km: 1:29:26 (22:13)

25 km: 1:51:33 (22:07)

30 km: 2:13:34 (22:01)

35 km: 2:35:28 (21:54)

40 km: 2:57:17 (21:49)

45 km: 3:19:10 (21:53)

50 km: 3:41:15 (22:05)

and then deepen the progress of the race of the main athletes each 10km

Leading the race, as expected the Olympic Champion Matej Toth (SVK) who passes in 44:52
Behind him the gaps are already important:
Second position for Karl Junganns (GER) in 45:15 in front of of Rafal Augustyn (POL) in 46:00 and Andres Chocho (ECU) in 46:01

Toth always leads in 1:29:26 (seconds 10km in 44:34)
The positions behind him have not changed:
- Second position for Karl Junganns in 1:29:55 (seconds 10km in 44:40)
- Third position for Rafal Augustyn in 1:31:28 (seconds 10km in 45:28)
- Fourth position for Andres Chocho in 1:31:36 (seconds 10km in 45:31)
A few small changes.
In the lead Matej Toth in 2:13:34 which some has lengthened his pace (third 10km in 44:08)
They follow him:
- Karl Junganns in 2:14:01 (third 10km in 44:06)
- Rafal Augustyn in 2:16:29 (third 10km in 45:01)
- Nathaniel Seiler (GER) in 2:17:06 who covered the third 10km in 45:01 reached Andres Choco
- Andres Chocho in 1:17:06 (third 10km in 45:36)
Leadership positions have not changed
In the lead Matej Toth in 2:57:17 who still lengthened his pace (fourth 10km in 43:43)
They follow him:
- Karl Junganns in 2:58:52 (fourth 10km in 44:51)
- Rafal Augustyn in 3:01:36 (fourth 10km in 45:07)
- Nathaniel Seiler (GER) in 3:02:12 (fourth 10km in 45:06) who catched Andres Choco
- Andres Chocho in 3:02:48 (fourth 10km in 45:42)
- last 10km
Towards 43km Karl Junganns goes into crisis, but tries to resist. He manages to keep the second position up to 46.5km when he is joined by Rafal Augustyn.
Choco instead began the hunt for Seiler at 42km and soon brought it to an end.
At 48km they are in order: Toth (3:32:27), Augustyn (3:38:25), Junganns (3:39:10) and Chocho (3:39:38)
Victory to Matej Toth (SVK) in 3:41:15 (last 10km in 43:58)
Second place to Rafal Augustyn in 3:47:42 (last 10km in 46:06)
Third place to Andres Choco in 3:48:57 (last 10km in 46:09)
Fourth Karl Junganns (GER) in 3:49:45 (last 10km in 50:53)



In total four athletes secured the Olympic qualifying time all finishing inside the 3:50-barrier. 

Toth became the first ever four-time winner in Dudince and he seemed to get stronger as the race progressed. The 37-year-old was comfortably inside the Olympic qualifying pace through the 25km mark in 1:51:33 but he covered the second half almost two minutes faster with 1:49:42 to yield a winning time of 3:41:15.

Toth eclipsed the previous world lead of 3:43:29 held by Russia’s Denis Cheparev and his winning time was also his fastest since he won the Olympic title in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


Current updated world list of first 10 athletes in 50km


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
3:41:15 Matej TÓTH SVKSVK Dudince (SVK) 24 OCT 2020
3:43:29 Dementiy CHEPAREV RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 05 SEP 2020
3:43:46 Sergey SHARYPOV RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 05 SEP 2020
3:47:31 Ihor HLAVAN UKRUKR Ivano-Frankivsk (UKR) 18 OCT 2020
3:47:42 Rafał AUGUSTYN POLPOL Dudince (SVK) 24 OCT 2020
3:48:37 Sergey RAKOV RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 05 SEP 2020
3:48:57 Andrés CHOCHO ECUECU Dudince (SVK) 24 OCT 2020
3:49:45 Karl JUNGHANNß GERGER Dudince (SVK) 24 OCT 2020
3:49:47 Serhiy BUDZA UKRUKR Ivano-Frankivsk (UKR) 18 OCT 2020
10  3:51:17 Ivan NOSKOV RUSRUS Voronovo (RUS) 05 SEP 2020






50km women
Victory for Agnieszka Ellward (POL) in 4:38:44
These are his split times each 10km:
- 10km: 56:16
- 20km: 1:50:44 (54:28)
- 30km: 2: 43: 48 (53:04)
Up to 34km Antonina Lorek (POL) was leading the race in 3:05:00 while Agnieszka Ellward passed in 3:05:01
- 40km: 3:37:53 (54:15) while Antonina Lorek passes in 3:40:13
- last 10km in 50:41

Second place to Antonina Lorek (POL) in 4:41:16 who obtains the new personal best. Previous one (4:46:44) had been established in Alytus (LTU) on May 19, 2019.





Risultati Ufficiali - Official results



Video of 50km (commentary in Slovack and, sometimes, in English)








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