20/12/2020   Olhao (POR): Victories of Ana Cabecinha (POR) and Tom Bosworth (GBR)

The 20km Road National Road Walking Championships for the year 2020 took place this morning in Olhao (POR).
Not many athletes at the start, but also foreign athletes present both in the men's and women's competitions searching the entry standard for the Sapporo Olympic Games.
20km women
There are 13 athletes at the start, with two representatives from nearby Spain.
Almost all the race Ana Cabecinha (POR) was in the lead.
Only in the first lap covered in 4:26 the leader was Julia Talacs (ESP) but after she abandoned the race.
The athlete trained by Paulo Murta lapped the 20-lap 1km circuit with an average of 13:30 km/hr with good regularity.
The best lap was the third that was covered in 4:25.
She has no difficulty in getting the victory in 1:30:18
Second place to the 50km specialist, Ines Henriques (POR) who finished her race in 1:36:15 (average of 12:47 km/hr with the best lap, the last, covered in 4:43).
Third place to Carolina Costa (POR) in 1:37:42 (average of 12:28 km/hr with the best lap, 6th, covered in 4:46).
Fourth place to Ainoha Pinedo (ESP) in 1:40:53





20km men
Seventeen athletes at the start, of which four foreigners (one from Britain, two from Spain and one from France).
Easy win for Britain's representative, Tom Bosworth, in 1:23:56
Second place to Joao Viera (POR) in 1:25:37
Third place to Amaro Teixeira (POR) in 1:29:58
Fourth place (and last of the arrived) to José Manuek Perez in 1:30:16
Two DQed: Helder Santos (POR) and David Kuster (FRA)
Two DNF: Dionisio Ventura (POR) and Luis Alberto Amezcua (ESP)