25/12/2020   Beijing (CHN): the medals of race walk (post CAS) awarded to the athletes




It was August 14, 2012 when two very interesting walking races took place along the Male in London.
In the morning that of the 50km men and in the afternoon that of the 20km women.
The order of arrival of both would then be rewritten by the CAS following less noble doping procedures.
Today 7 years and 113 days have passed and finally three athletes have had the satisfaction of being able to touch the medal they had won and wear it around their necks.
Si Tianfeng (CHN) had won bronze in the men's 50km (3:37:16) which then became silver following the disqualification of Sergey Kirdyapkin (RUS).
Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) also won bronze in the women's 20km (1:25:16) which later became silver following the disqualification of Olga Kaniskina (RUS).
And finally Liu Hong (CHN), the most disappointed of that day, who had only finished fourth (1:26:00) in that race also defeated by the teammate who had never prevailed over her, and who in the future would always arrived behind her.

Today in Beijing, Ms. Li Lingwei, Vice President of the Olympic Committee of China formally presented the athletes with the medals they had won.
Unfortunately Qieyang Shenjie was not present as she was engaged in a training of her group near Shanghai.