30/12/2020   Tokyo (JPN): on 1.1.2021 the first 20km men and 10km women of the 2021 season




The classic Tokyo start of the year race cannot be missed in Japan, which reached its 69th edition in 20121.
The following distances are foreseen:
9:20: 20km elite men
11.20: 10km elite women and 10km high school men
12:30 pm: 5km high school women
as well as a 5km reserved for Masters and a 3km for youth categories
In the men's 20km a list of 84 starters among which the names of Yusuke Suzuki and Hirooki Arai stand out, both specialists in the last seasons of the 50km, even if Yusuke Suzuki is the world record holder on the distance of the 20km (1:16:36 ) established in Nomi (JPN) on 15.3.2015 on the occasion of the Asian Walking Championships.
Arai instead boasts a personal best on the 20km of 1:19:00 which dates back to 17.2.2019 obtained in Kobe when he finished sixth.
Daisuke Matsunaga also returns to compete.
In the women's 10km (39 entered athletes) the competition could be even more interesting given the presence of:
- Kumiko Okada (personal best of 43:32 established in Kanazawa, JPN on 19.4.2015)
- Nanako Fujii (personal best of 44:40 established in Wajima, JPN on 13.4.2019)
- Masumi Fuchise (personal best of 44:53 established in Tokyo, JPN on 10.6.2007)
- Nami Hayashi (personal best of 45:38 established in Tokyo, JPN on 1.1.2020)
- Ai Michiguchi (personal best of 44:40 established in Tokyo, JPN on 1.1.2019)
- Serena Sonoda (personal best of 46:37 established in Tokyo, JPN on 1.1.2020)
In addition to that of the representative of the Hong Kong Athletics Federation, Sia Nga Ching (personal best of 45:53 established in Tokyo, JPN on 1.1.2020)
The following participants are registered in the competitions reserved for High Schools:
- males: 52 athletes
- women: 42 athletes

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