10/01/2021   Porto de Mos (POR): The Portuguese championships of 35km and 50km and a 20km open




In the morning of today, with separate departures, the Portuguese National Road Walking Championships were held in Porto de Mos (POR) for the distances of 35km and 50km for both male and female categories.
To complement these events there were also two tests on the 20km (men and women).
The women's races had a single start at 8:30 for both the 35km and the 50km and also the 20km
At 9.00 the men 35km and 50km started
Finally at 10:20 the men's 20km started
20km women
It starts on a frozen morning to say the least.
Favorite women are Ana Cabecinha and Edna Barros whose goal is to get a valid time for the Olympic Games.
Ana Cabecinha is in charge of setting the pace and proceeds as a Swiss watch in the time indicated before the start up to 15km.
After 11km an injury occurs in her foot when she begins to feel good about the current race, but she feels too early to leave training partner Edna Barros alone, and she continues with her colleague.
After the transition to 15 km while she was trying to finish with a faster pace, the wound flares up and towards 17,800km, she decides to stop so as not to make the situation worse
Victory to Edna Barros (POR) in 1:35:18 just a few seconds from the personal best of 1:35:03 obtained in Taicang (CHN) on 5.5.2018.
Second place to Maria Bernardo (POR) in 1:40:36
Third place in Vera Portela (POR) in 1:56:18

35km-50km women
Five athletes at the start.
Victory to Vitoria Oliveira (POR) in 3:09:27
Second place to Sandra Silva (POR) in 3:27:25 who will then be the only one of the three athletes to continue in the 50km and which she will finish in 4:56:49
Third place to Sandra Campos (POR) in 4:17:48


35km men
Eleven athletes at the start, including three representatives from Colombia (José Montana, Diego Pizon and Jorge Ruiz) who are also looking for the Olympic qualification. For the title of Champion of Portugal there does not seem to be anyone who can worry Joao Vieira (POR).
Immediately leading the race José Montana and Joao Vieira who pass to
- 10km: 46:45
- 20km: 1:31:57 (45:22)
Shortly after 28km the Colombian forces his pace and takes off Joao Vieria.
The passage to 30km is:
- José Montana in 2:15:50 (43:53)
- Joao Vieira in 2:16:37 (44:40)
Diego Pinzon pass in 2:19:13

Splitchart graph of José Montana (by Mylaps Sporthive Events - POR)



José Montana covers the last 5km of the race in 21:43 and wins the 35km in 2:37:23
Second place to Joao Vieira in 2:40:07 (last year here in Porto de Mos he stopped the clock in 2:38:18).
Third place went to Diego Pinzon in 2:42:44
50km men
Only four athletes from Portugal who then continued the race up to 50km.
He won the title of Champion of Portugal, Rui Coelho (POR) in 4:11:27
Second place to Heider Santos (POR) in 4:15:47
Third place to Luis Gil (POR) in 4:20:10
20km men
Only five athletes at the start including London 2017 World Champion Eider Arevalo and the other Colombian athlete Manuel Soto.
The race begins with these two athletes setting the pace and they are together up to 8km when Arevalo forces his pace and takes about ten seconds off his teammate.
These are the split times in the first two fractions of 5km:
Eider Arevalo: - 5km in 20:42 - 10km 41:13 (20:31) with an average of about 4:06 per 1km lap
Manuel Soto: - 5km in 20:42 - 10km 41:28 (20:46)
At the halfway point in third place is Ruben Santos in 47:55
In the second half of the race the situation does not change and Arevalo's advantage is always more consistent with this split:
- 15km in 1:01:22 (20:09)
while Soto goes to 15km in 1:03:22 (21:54).

Splitchart graph of Eider Arevalo (by Mylaps Sporthive Events - POR)

The last 5km are covered by Arevalo in 20:44 leading him to victory in 1:22:06
Second place for manuel Soto in 1:25:51 (with the last 5km in 22:29)
Third place to Ruben Santos in 1:34:30.