13/01/2021   ARAF demands punishment of Ivan Noskov for wounding response to World Athletics request




The All-Russian Federation of Athletics (ARAF) proposes to punish the Mordovian walker Ivan Noskov, who served four years of suspension, for having sent an offensive response to a request from the Athletics Integrity Unit, an independent disciplinary body.
A source told the TASS agency about it.
A regular meeting of the ARAF Governing body took place on 24 December. The first item on the agenda was the theme “On problems in the development of athletics in the Republic of Mordovia.” After discussing the issue, the Governing body decided that the sports authorities of Mordovia should inform ARAF about the disciplinary measures taken against Noskov.
“Soon after the end of the disqualification, Noskov received a request from the Athletics Integrity Unit, which is an independent disciplinary body of World Athletics.
He responded by sending an offensive message in poetic form. Noskov's behavior should not go unpunished” the TASS source said.
Noskov was the bronze medalist of the 2014 European championship in the 50 km race walk event. He was suspended from the Lausanne TAS for four years after the banned substance erythropoietin was found in a doping test in June 2015. The athlete's sentence expired on July 14, 2020.
According to TASS, 32-year-old Noskov had previously decided to retire from the sport, which significantly reduces the ability of the Mordovian sports authorities to punish this athlete.