29/01/2021   Raul Gonzalez (MEX): "Updating the rule of race walking" (study of a few years ago)




We had already informed our readers of the evening spent in Ostia with Raul Gonzalez and other fellow race walking judges of international level, and race walking coaches, debating on the problems that have always been an integral part of the judgment.
Already we had the opportunity to propose to our readers by pointing out the key points of race walking for Gonzalez, which are:
▪ fluidity
▪ correct movement of the hips (which he calls "afloçamento")
▪ prolonged push
▪ and attack of the extended advancing leg
Raul has never accepted that “paso de la bicicleta” that has been proliferating in many places for some years.
He promised us that as soon as he got home he would send us a study of his from a few years ago.
He would have liked to present it directly to the Race Walking Committee and then to the Council, because, in his opinion, then Rule 230 needed an update, to make it more suited to the present times, but then the opportunities for meeting did not materialize and then it remained a theoretical study.
But the reasons that led him to this study have been completely used by him and are part of his training with the group of athletes he is currently following.
The study follows the lines of rule 230 of a few years ago, with references to technical gestures and comments.
Pages 2, 3 and 5 to 11 are particularly interesting as regards the walking technique
Raul Gonzalez defines them as an obligatory point for a “cleaner and more correct walk”.
Another point of interest is the one indicated in point 4c.
Already debated between the late 1980s and early 1990s, when a current of opinion, including that of Mexico under the guidance of prof. Jerzy Hausleber proposed for the disqualification of an athlete the majority of the judges operating in that race.
Then, with the opposition of many countries, including almost all of Europe, nothing came of it.
Nowadays, with the introduction of the Penalty Zone, this topic takes on much less weight.
We therefore propose to our readers this document (in Spanish, but easy to interpret) that Raul Gonzalez sent us.
An interesting reading, valid even today.