30/01/2021   Sumy (UKR): Oleh Svystun and Yana Farina win the Ukraine Indoor Championships




This morning in the Arena of the Sumy State University in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Absolute Indoor Championships were held.
The two races, as is often the case in East Countries, were both held over a distance of 5.000m.
Respect also in Ukraine with the spacing regulations imposed by the pandemic limited the presence at the start of eight athletes for both the men's and women's races.
5,000m indoor walk men
Start at 10:30.
The eve favorite is undoubtedly Oleh Svystun (UKR) who boasts a personal best on the indoor distance of 19:35.54 obtained in last year's championship on the same venue here in Sumy.
The little more than 23-year-old Ukrainian athlete imposes his pace from the start, and there is nothing to be done for the opponents.
Second place to Oleksiy Bilorus (UKR) in 20:42.85
Third place to Ilya Bilyk (UKR) in 20:49.64
5,000m indoor walk women
Start at 11:05 am
With a good quality leap Yana Farina (UKR) wins the Ukrainian title in 23:46.08 with the new personal best. The previous best date back to 27.1.2018 when she stopped the clock on the same arena in 24:16.50.
Second place to Alina Sokolovska (UKR) in 24:09.67 also for her new personal best. The previous one dates back to 31.1.2020 when on the same arena she stopped the chlock in 24:40.04.
Third place to Irina Vovk (UKR) in 24: 36.18 also for her new personal best.
The leap in quality of her (she was born on 13.11.2001) is really interesting as the previous personal best on the distance dates back to 31.1.2020 when on the same arena she stopped the clock in 27:11.51.
On the other hand, on Wednesday 27 January the U20 championships were held in the same Palaindoor, which had recorded the following results.
5.000m U20 indoor walk men
Fifteen athletes at the start.
Victory to Mykola Rushchak (UKR) in 21:23.53
Second place to Taras Koretskyy (UKR) in 21:47.04
Third place to Yehor Shelest (UKR) in 22:42.41
3.000m U20 indoor walk women
Eleven athletes at the start.
Victory to Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR) in 13:40.74
Second place to Viktoriia Dizhak (UKR) in 14:45.58
Third place to Sofiia Krylovetska (UKR) in 14:51.97