31/01/2021   Chong Ming (CHN): Race walk Meeting




Yesterday, not far from Shanghai, the walking races were held that made the athletes of the Chinese national teams protagonists.
The competition took place on a 2km course, in the splendid setting of the new Chong Ming sports center, a real sports city among the best and largest in the Country.
At 8:15am the women started for 20km, 15 minutes later the males for the 20km and 40 km.
Given the moment of the season, we can define excellent results in the performance of the women and the men's 40 km, while the performance of the men on the 20 km was a bit disappointing and unexpected, which saw Zhang Jin win with a time of 1:24:12.
The results are currently unofficial as we are still awaiting the official status of the race from the China Athletics Association.
20km women
In the women's 20 km, after the first 5 km, Qieyang Shenjie immediately shows off who will lead the entire race alone and in first position with an exact time of 1:26:00.
Split times:

- 2km: 8:47

- 4km: 8:30 (17:17)

- 6km: 8:37 (25:54)

- 8km: 8:37 (34:31)

- 10km: 8:40 (43:11)

- 12km: 8:41 (51:52)

- 14km: 8:38 (1:00:30)

- 16km: 8:30 (1:09:00)

- 18km: 8:28 (1:17:28)

- ultimi 2km in 8:32


The second place is won by Lu Xiuzhi who ends with 1:27:36.
Third place to Ma Zhenxia, ​​arriving shortly after, in 1:28:00.



40km men
The performance of two walkers on the 40 km is certainly noteworthy.
The first is undoubtedly Wang Qin, who dominates alone throughout the excellent race, finishing in 2:50:37 with an average of 4:16/km. The second, in the photo below, is the young Li Wenbin, born in 1999, who completes the distance with a time of 3:01:58.
Congratulations to all the athletes and organizers of the event for this wonderful day of sport.