01/02/2021   USA: Graceland Winter Series 2021 and Bumble Rumble 2021 Meetings




Saturday 30 January with indoor activities also in the USA.
The Graceland Winter Series 2021 was held in Lamoni, Iowa, with two walking races
3.000m indoor walk men
Five athletes at the start.
Victory to Caleb Chmelka (USA) in 14:47.71
Second place to Seth Doser (USA) in 16:59.35
Third place to Jon Franke (USA) in 18:49.92
3.000m indoor walk women
Victory in Sydney Baule (USA) in 26: 53.61
The 2021 Bumble Rumble Meeting was held in St. Davenport, also in the state of Iowa, organized by St. Ambrose Track & Field, again with two running races
3.000m indoor walk men
Three athletes at the start.
Victory to Jordan Crawford (USA) in 13:20.41
Second place to Blake Weiss (USA) in 13:39.99
Antony Peters (USA) who obtained the best result: 13:05.48
3.000m indoor walk women
Two athletes at the start
Victory to Nayeli Cismeros (USA) in 15:45.45
Second place to Maria Alarcon (USA) in 15:47.65