02/02/2021   Recife (BRA) - Pernambucan race walking cup




Still race walking on track.
This time the occasion is given by the Copa Pernambuco di Marcia which took place on Sunday 31 January 2021 on the track of the Warlindo Carneiro Filho athletics field, in Recife (BRA).
The events on the 20,000m distance on track for both men and women were scheduled, to which were added two men's and women's U20 events (on the 10,000m distance) and a U18 girls event on the 5,000m distance.
The athletes were not those of Brazil's elite race walking, so the results were second-rate.
20,000m track walk women
Victory to Paula Raysa Paz Silva (BRA) in 2:02:12.7
Second place to Elisangela Pereira Da Silva (BRA) in 2:08:31.1
20,000m track walk men
Victory to Lucas Gabriel Ferreira Da Silva (BRA) in 1:39:12.6
Second place to Edson Enrico Alves Aguiar (BRA) in 1:46:47.2
Third place to Mario Serafim Da Silva (BRA) in 2:00:23.8
10,000m track walk U20 women
Victory to Mara Thaisa De Jesus Silva (BRA) in 1:07:26.8
10,000m track walk U20 men
Victory to Deyvid Williams Leite De Melo (BRA) 57:08.7
Second place to Miqueias Dos Santos Santana (BRA) 58:42.6
5.000m walk on track U18 girls
Victory to Fernanda Cidrin Da Silva Santos (BRA) in 32:16.7