05/02/2021   Antequera, Malaga (ESP): The road walking championships of Andalusia




The Andalusian Walking Championships for all categories took place on 31 January 2021 in Spain in Antequera in the Malaga region. The test took place without public, on a day when the weather was respected under the drizzle and some gust of wind.
The championships were held over the 10km distance, for both men and women (and for all categories higher than U18), while for the U16 the distance was 5km.
In addition there were also two races on the 20km (men and women)
10km men
Brilliant performance by Alberto Amezcua (ESP) who won in 39:41.
With this result Amezcua is currently positioning itself as a world leader. beating by 9 seconds the Spanish champion Álvaro Martín, who the day before had stopped the clock in Murcia in 39:50.
Second place to Rafael Martin Jimenez (ESP) in 46:31
Third place to Lucio Ruiz Domenech (ESP) in 1:08:20
10km women
Victory of the European champion María Pérez García (ESP), already in possession of the entry standard to Tokyo 2021, who also managed to become the seasonal world leader on the 10km distance with a mark of 43:36, establishing the new personal best (previous of 43:40 established in Sevilla, ESP on 25.1.2020) and overtaking Kumiko Okada (JPN) who boasted a mark of 43:39.

20km men
Victory to Juan Antonio Porras Hidalgo (ESP) in 1:33:45
Second place to Rafael Ballesteros Garcia (ESP) in 1:41:45
Third place to David Sanchez Montoya (ESP) in 2:11:42
20km women
Victory to Ainhoa ​​Pinedo Gonzalez (ESP) in 1:38:55
Second place to Veronica Espino Utrera in 1: 44.56
Julia Takacs Nyerges (ESP) and Maria Teresa Morata Moreno (ESP): DNF

In the other races, whose detailed results are in the Results section, the excellent performances of the U18 Girls (Isabel Garcia Sanchez: 51:57) and U20 (Eva Salcedo Sanchez: 51:29) winners are highlighted, as well as those of the U18 Boys winners (Pablo Rodríguez Rojas: 44:26) and U20 (José Luís Hidalgo Rodriguez: 42:40).
In the U16 categories the winners were Javier Postigo Gabarro (24:07) and Elvira Barrón Serrano (25:49).
The next appointment, on February 14 in Seville, in the Spanish road walking championship, where the Spanish championships 35 km women's, 50 km men and the Spanish autonomous championships in 10 km and 5 km for Sub16 and Sub20 will be held, where the Andalusia will be one of the favorites for the victory.