06/02/2021   Ancona (ITA): Great result of Davide Finocchietti (U20) in the 5.000m walk at the Italian Indoor U20 and U23 Championships (19:43.77)




Today the Italian U20 and U23 Championships are being held in Ancona.
3.000m indoor U20 women
Twelwe athletes at the start.
Alessia Titone, Vittoria Di Dato and Alexandrina Mihai immediately take the lead, but after a lap Mihai comes off.
On the other hand, Vittoria Di Dato's attempt to stay with Alessia Titone continues for another two laps when the latter gains a margin of just under 10m.
The split times of Alessia Titone are the following:

- 1.000m: 4:39.6

- 2.000m: 9:01.1

Meanwhile Anna Ferrari joins Alexandrina Mihai and in the last part of the race she takes her off.
Victory to Alessia Titone (ITA) in 14:06.80
Second place to Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) in 14:21.60
Third place to Anna Ferrari (ITA) in 14:22.89


5.000m indoor U23 men
There are 6 athletes at the start.
Riccardo Orsoni immediately takes the lead, followed by Davide Finocchietti, Aldo Andrei and Andrea Cosi.
The four continue at a fairly fast pace:
- 1.000m in 3:59.9
- 2.000m in 7:59.1

Shortly after the pace slows down and then Davide Finocchietti thinks about reviving it by going ahead. He will no longer be reached.
His split times are:
- 3.000m: 11:57.1
- 4.000m: 15:50.3
- last 1.000m in 3:53.47
Victory to Davide Finocchietti in 19:43.77 new personal best (previous of 20:32.94 established in Minsk, BLR on 25.2.2020).
This performance is currently the fourth worldwide indoor distance performance of the 2020-2021 season.
Second place to Aldo Andrei in 20:06.58 new personal best (previous of 20:46.90 established in Ancona, ITA on 22.2.2020).
Third place to Riccardo Orsoni in 20:28.99 new personal best (previous of 20:56.26 established in Ancona, ITA on 2.3.2019).
Andrea Cosi is instead disqualified who after a stop in the penalty area suffers the fourth red card.

  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
19:07.5h Eduard ZABUZHENKO UKRUKR Kiev (UKR) 09 JAN 2021
19:21.93 Abdulselam ─░MUK TURTUR Istanbul (TUR) 17 JAN 2021
19:37.80 Kirill FROLOV RUSRUS Moskva (RUS) 11 JAN 2021
19:43.77 Davide FINOCCHIETTI ITAITA Ancona (ITA) 06 FEB 2021
19:49.02 Selman ILHAN TURTUR Istanbul (TUR) 17 JAN 2021
20:00.22 Oleh SVYSTUN UKRUKR Sumy (UKR) 30 JAN 2021
20:03.56 SERHAT GÜNGÖR TURTUR Istanbul (TUR) 17 JAN 2021
20:06.58 Aldo ANDREI ITAITA Ancona (ITA) 06 FEB 2021
20:10.33 David KUSTER FRAFRA Vittel (FRA) 30 JAN 2021
10  20:28.99 Riccardo ORSONI ITAITA Ancona (ITA) 06 FEB 2021





3.000m indoor U23 women
There are 6 athletes at the start.
Vittoria Giordani and Sara Buglisi immediately take the lead and will no longer be reached.
The split times:
- 1.000m: 4:23.5
- 2.000m: 9:04.3
When there are two laps to go Sara Buglisi forces her pace, and Vittoria Giordani has to settle for silver.
Victory to Sara Buglisi (ITA) in 13:36.44
Second place to Vittoria Giordani (ITA) in 13:58.05
Third place to Chiara Verteramo (ITA) in 14:08.82



5.000m indoor U20 men
There are 7 athletes at the start.
The trio made up of Nicola Lomuscio, Filippo Antonio Capostagno and Pietro Pio Noteristefano immediately takes the lead, leading together up to 2,000 meters with these split times:
- 1.000m: 4:31.0
- 2.000m: 8:52.5
Shortly after 2.000m it is Capostagno who takes care of the pace for a few laps; Notaristefano follows him a few meters away.
At 3,000m the split time is 13:17.2.
At this point Pietro Pio Noteristefano takes charge of the pace and lap after lap gains a few meters.
In the end, his advantage will be close to 20" after a passage at 4.000m in 17:44.1.
Victory to Pietro Pio Noteristefano (ITA) in 21:51.48
Second place to Filippo Antonio Capostagno (ITA) in 22:10.15
Third place to Nicola Lomuscio (ITA) in 22:14.71 who with difficulty leaves Francesco Benevnuto (ITA) in fourth place in 22:15.07
(Photos by Francesca Grana for Fidal)