11/02/2021   Murcia (ESP): Six years later Marco De Luca is individual gold in the 2015 European Cup



On February 1, 2021, the Athletics Integrity Unit reviewed the case of Ivan Koskov (RUS).


Recall that the athlete had been squalified for four years in 2016 as a result of positivity to EPO.

The disqualification had canceled all his results from 2.6.2015 to 15.7.2015 at the time, while he had left the first place at the European Cup in the 50km walk that took place in Murcia on 17.5.2015.


It was a race in which, as we recall below in our history of that time, the two Russian athletes Mikhail Ryzhov and Ivan Noskov remained in the lead from start to finish.


Later Mikhail Ryzhov was disqualified for doping and Marco De Luca was silver.

Now, despite Ivan Noskov had already served the maximum penalty of 4 years for the first violation, the Athletics Integrity Unit has reviewed the case and also canceled all the results from 20.1.2015 to 2.6.2015. The decision is however appealable by Ivan Noskov who we remember is no longer in activity.


Marco De Luca finds himself, after almost 6 years with the individual gold and, together with his teammates, Teodorico Caporaso (6th), Federico Tontodonati (10th) and Lorenzo Dessì (15th) also with the team one.


The laconic comment of him entrusted to his facebook page:

That day I could have heard the hymn play for me.

That day I could have heard the hymn being played for my team.

This is the bad thing about sport…"







The commentary of that crazy race



50 km men


Starting promptly at 8:00 and immediately the two Russians Ivan Noskov and Mikhail Ryzhov  unexpectedly followed by the Italian Marco De Luca who usually races in recovery.

Towards the 4th km (18:07) the Polish Grzegorz Sudol (18:47) from the pack (18:57) and try to catch the leaders  while shortly after De Luca comes off is a few meters.

Split time at 5 km: two Russian in 22:35, De Luca in 22:39. The others follow.


At 10 km:

Noskov and Ryzhov lead the race in 44:46 Ryzhov.

In third place in 45:01 De Luca charged, however, by a red card for no contact.

Fouth Sudol in 46.17.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 9th in 46:42, Teodorico Caporaso is 16th in 47:21, Lorenzo Dessi is 22nd in 48:25.


At 20 km:

Still leading the Russian couple in 1:29:00

Always in third place Marco De Luca in 1:29:50

Sudol always fourth in 1:31:32.

The Belarusian Trotsky was DQed.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 12th in 1:32:28, Teodorico Caporaso is 15th in 1:34: 06, Lorenzo Dessi is 21st in 1:36:38.


At 30 km:

Still leading the Russian couple in 2:13:14

Always in third place Marco De Luca in 2.15:47

For fourth place the Ukrainian Ivan Banzeruk (2.16: 54) has passed Sudol (2:17:14)

Are DQes the race walk Spanish, monument Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado, the other Spaniash Marc Tur and the Hungarian Lukas Gdula.

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 12th in 2:18:33, Teodorico Caporaso is 13th in 2.20:33, Lorenzo Dessi is 20th in 2:25:18

The race for the top positions seems to have already said everything, except a few surprises.


At 40 km:

Ivan Noskov and Mikhail Ryzhov in 2:57:24 with a split on the last 10 km of 44:09.

Marco De Luca is always third in 3:00:42 (44:54)

The Ukrainian Ivan Banzeruk accelerated trying to catch De Luca and passed fourth in 3:01:33 (44:37).

The other Italians: Federico Tontodonati is 10th in 3:04:33, Teodorico Caporaso is 12th in 3:06:45, Lorenzo Dessi is 16th in 3:12:18


At 45 km:

Mikhail Ryzhov has forced the pace (22:21) and passed in 3:19:45 in front of the teammate Ivan Noskov (22:25) in 3:19:49.

Follow Marco De Luca (22:41) passing in 3:23:23, and Ivan Banzeruk passing fourth in 3:24:25 (22:51).


The last 5 km are not a solo Russian. Both, now sure of victory, have a higher split time: Ryzhov (23:46) and Noskov (24:07). Marco De Luca with a split of 22:57 gnaws almost a minute; great race for him.


They finish in this order:

Mikhail Ryzhov, gold in 3:43:23 - Ivan Noskov, silver in 3:43:57 - Marco De Luca, bronze in 3:46.21.

Fourth is Ivan Banzeruk (UKR) in 3:49:09, followed by Roman Yevstifeyev (RUS) in 3:51:00.

But the surprise for Italy isn’t finished. With a very strong final Teodorico Caporaso (22:42) finished eighth in 3:51:44 (personal best - shattered the previous 3:56:45 achieved in the European Cup in the Dudince in May 19, 2013). Passport to the World Championships and Olympic Games assured !?

The other Italians: verti nice race for Federico Tontodonati ending 12th in 3:56:09 and Lorenzo Dessì arrived 17th in 4:04:46.


Finally a good test for the Italian Team of 50 km, which seems to came out well for the mourning of Alex Schwarzer and giving a precise answer to the soap opera of recent months.



Team standings of 50 km


1.- Russia, as forecast, with 8 points

2.- Italy, with 23 points, but with a best finish

3.- Ukraine, with 23 points