17/02/2021   Timbò, Santa Catarina (BRA): the Catarinenses Walking Championships




On Sunday 14th February the Regional Walking Championships took place in Timbò in the Catarina region (BRA).
The scheduled races were as follows:
- 20km women: 7:00 am
- 20km men: 7:00 am
- 10km women: 9:15 am
- 10km men: 9:15 am
20km walk women
Only one athlete at the start.
Victory to Mayara Luize Vicentainer (BRA) in 1: 45.24
These are her split times:
- 5km: 25:44
- 10km: 51:32 (25:48)
- 15km: 1:18:06 (26:34)
Last 5km in: 27:18
20m indoor walk men
Three athletes at the start.
Victory to Mateus Gabriel Correa de Liz (BRA) in 1:24:40 new personal best (previous of 1:29:08 obtained in Bragança Paulista, BRA on 31.8.2019)
These are the split times:
- 5km: 21:01
- 10km: 42:02 (21:01)
- 15km: 1:03:31 (21:29)
Last 5km in: 21:09
Second place to Paulo Henrique Ribeiro (BRA) in 1:32:59
Third place to Brian Willian Schmoegel (BRA) in 1:56:53
10km walk women
Six athletes at the start.
Victory to Emily Pistor (BRA) in 50:52 (25:18 + 25:34)
Second place to Lilian Dumes Bittecourt (BRA) in 55:53
Third place went to Bruna Batista De Oliveira (BRA) in 57:09
10km walk men
Six athletes at the start.
Victory in Moacir Zimmermanm (BRA) in 47:17 (22:10 + 25:07)
Second place to Alexandro Sousa Silva (BRA) in 52:29
Third place to Jairo Vieira (BRA) in 53:41