19/02/2021   Sochi (RUS): Great results at the team winter championships




Winter Walking Championships are being held in Sochi (RUS) which are also valid as team championships of Russia.
On Friday, February 19, the road races of the following took place:
- 35km (men and women)
- 20km (men and women)
- 10km (men and women) U20
The day was quite cold (+ 2 ° C) and especially rainy during most races.
35km men
A group of three athletes leading up to 20km: Dementiy Cheparev (RUS), Sergey Rakov (RUS) and Kiril Shutov (RUS)
These are their split times:
- 5km: 22:06
- 10km: 44:11 (22:05)
- 15km: 1:06:15 (22:04)
- 20km: 1:27:55 (21:40)
This last 5km pass produced a jolt, and also in the following 5km Dementiy Cheparev and Sergey Rakov force the pace:
- 25km: the first two in 1:49:28 (21:33)
- 30km: Dementiy Cheparev leads in 2:10:48 on Sergey Rakov by 3 seconds
- last 5km: Dementiy Cheparev forces again and covers the last 5km in 20:39
Victory to Dementiy Cheparev (RUS) in 2:31:27
Second place to Sergey Rakov (RUS) in 2:32:36
Third place to Kiril Shutov (RUS) in 2:35:00
35km women
Two athletes battled for the title from the very beginning: Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) and Elmira Alembekova (RUS).
These are their split times:
- 5km: 23:37
- 10km: 47:03 (23:26)
- 15km: 1:10:10 (23:07)
- 20km: 1:33:43 (23:33)
- 25km: 1:56:55 (23:12)
The two leaders were still together at 25km, but probably the jerk of Margarita Nikiforova left its mark on Elmira Alembekova who lost about twenty seconds.
- 30km: Nikiforova (2:19:50 - 22:45) and Alembekova (2:20:11 - 23:16)
- last 5km: Nikiforova in 23:26 and Alembekova in 24:49
Victory to Margarita Nikiforova (RUS) in 2:43:14 best seasonal performance 2021 (improved 2:44:17 by Maria Perez obtained in Sevilla, ESP last week), but above all best world performance on 35km women (improved the performance of 2 :43:43 by Eleonora Anna Giorgi obtained in Grosseto, ITA on 26.1.2020)
Second place to Elmira Alembekova (RUS) in 2:45:00 personal best
Third place to Anastasia Kalashnikova (RUS) in 2:46:29
20km men
The battle for the victory was between Vasily Mizinov (RUS) and Sergey Shirobokov (RUS)
The two quickly got off Sergey Kozevnikov (RUS) and set the race on a very fast pace.
In the last part of the race Vasily Mizinov forced the pace and led Shirobokov by about 40 seconds.
Victory to Vasily Mizinov (RUS) in 1:18:45
Second place to Sergey Shirobokov (RUS) in 1:19:23
Third place to Sergey Kozevnikov (RUS) in 1:21:20




20km women
The usual race without history, given the presence of Elena Lashmanova (RUS) who won with an excellent time of 1:25:41
Second place to Reyxan Kagramanova (RUS) in 1:26:45
Third place to Elvira Khasanova (RUS) in 1:27:13
10km U20 men
Victory to Maksim Pjanzin (RUS) in 40:05
Second place to Dimitry Gramachkov (RUS) in 40:34
Third place to Maksim Boyko (RUS) in 40:52
10km U20 women
Victory to Elena Sborec (RUS) in 45:29
Second place to Alina Shishkova (RUS) in 46:39
Third place to Julia Xalilova (RUS) in 47:27
(Co-operation by Maris Peterson - RUS)