20/02/2021   Budapest (HUN): Miklos Domonkos Srp ans Barbara Kovaccare the winner of the Indoor Championships of Hungary


The Hungarian Indoor Championships are being held in Budapest (HUN) in the Syma Hall.
On the first day (20.2) the competition of:
5.000m indoor men
Four athletes at the start.
Victory to Miklos Domonkos Srp (HUN) in 20:18.26 who establishes his personal best (previous of 20: 35.09 also established in Budapest, HUN on 16.2.2019)
Second place to Bence Barnabas Venyercsan (HUN) in 20:26.47
Third place at Leon Bank (HUN) in 25:50.25
Norberth Toth (HUN) DQ'ed








3.000m indoor women
Seven athletes at the start.
Three of them immediately lead the race: Barbara Kovacs, Rita Recsei and Tiziana Kinga Spiller.
After a couple of laps following an increasing of pace by Barbara Kovacs, Tiziana Kinga Spiller gives up a couple of meters in front of the rest of the race.
The two leaders continue to lead the race in alternating current, a few laps leads Kovacs and other laps Recsei.
When there are three laps to go, immediately after the finish line, Rita Recsei is taken over by Barbara Kovacs who continues to force and gains about 5 meters.
Kovacs forces again when there are two laps to go; a judge calls her to a greater fairness, but by now she have an unassailable lead.
Victory to Barbara Kovacs (HUN) in 13:01.39 news personal best (previous of 13:03.53 established in Budapest, HUN on 10.2.2017).
Second place to Rita Recsei (HUN) in 13:09.69
Third place went to Tiziana Kinga Spiller (HUN) in 13:52.85