24/02/2021   Massimo Stano became a father




The rush of competitions this past weekend has unfortunately made us overlook perhaps the most important event in life for Massimo Stano.
We met him in Ostia (ITA) on the occasion of the Italian 50km Championship on Saturday 23 January together with his beautiful wife, Fatima Lotfi. They were both very cheerful and told us that they were expecting the increase in family numbers week by week.
A few days earlier Massimo had posted on his Facebook page some beautiful photos taken by photographer friend Stefano de Vito.
We were enchanted by the beauty of those shots, and today we allow ourselves to steal the one that is most significant for us: the sweetness of waiting for the future mother.


On the evening of February 20, here is the pink bow for Massimo Stano and Fatima Lotfi.
The Italian record holder of the 20 km walk and the middle distance runner-walker became the parents of little Sophie, who was born on Saturday at the Grassi hospital in Ostia (Rome).
Marcia dal Mondo joins the chorus of good wishes that in the meantime have come to them from all over Italian athletics.