02/03/2021   San Jeronimo (GUA): Erick Barrondo and María Fernanda Peinado Champions of Guatemala. In light the Mexicans in the 20km men.




On Sunday 28 February, in the streets of San Jerónimo, Baja Verapaz, the national athletic walking championships of Guatemala took place, the first event held in the country with the presence of the main athletes of the country's race walking, after a long period in 2020 marked from the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The results were very satisfying, both in the men's and women's 20km, and in the men's 35km, with the presence of some of the best Mexican specialists, led by the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic champion, Raúl González.
35km men
Only six athletes at the start.
In the men's 35 km race, Érick Barrondo (GUA), who is now betting on a distance greater than that with which he won the silver medal in the 20km walk of the London Olympic Games, the only one won in Guatemalan sport, won the race with a time of 2:34:35, not far from the low of Eugene's Worlds 2022 set at 2:33:00.
Second place to his brother Bernardo Barrondo (GUA) with a mark of 2:35:10
Third place to Sergio Sacul (GUA) in 2:42:35.


20km men
Twelve athletes at the start.
The 20km Guatemala champion title was won by Jose Ortiz (GUA) who finished third overall with a time of 1:22:33.
Second place to Oscar Pop (GUA) in 1:25:20 and finished sixth overall.
Third place went to Samuel Arriola (GUA) in 1:30:15 who finished fifth overall.
However, the men's 20km was dominated by the same Mexican athletes who had competed in Ostia (ITA) last January 23 in devilshly conditions.
It is therefore interesting to compare the times obtained by Julio César Salazar and that of Jesús Tadeo Vega Ortiz in the two races.
Julio Cesar Salazar (MEX) obtained with the victory in San Jeronimo 1:20:57 while in Ostia he had won in 1:23:39: a difference of 2:42
Jesús Tadeo Vega Ortiz (MEX) obtained with second place in San Jeronimo 1:22:02 while in Ostia he had always finished in second position in 1:24:36: a difference of 2:34.
It can therefore be reasonably estimated that in Ostia the windy weather conditions affected the race for about 8 seconds per km in the 20km and much more in the 35km and 50km.
The Mexican athletes will be followed by Raul Gonzalez after participating in the Italian Championships last January, in Ostia, and on Sunday in San Jeronimo they will return to Europe to participate (March 14) in the National Championships of Spain, in Murcia.


20km women
In the women's 20 km there were six athletes at the start.
Victory of the young María Fernanda Peinado (GUA), 19 years old, with a time of 1:35:01, new personal best (previous of 1:37:12 always obtained in San Jeronimo on 12 December 2020)
María Fernanda Peinado, who is part of the Talent Retention Program of the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala with the time obtained, currently ranks 22nd in the 20km absolute seasonal world ranking and obviously 1st place in the same U20 ranking.
Second place to Viviane Castillo (MEX) in 1:36:57 which touches her personal best of 1:36:49 obtained in Tarija (BOL) on 8.2.2020.
Third place to Mirna Ortiz (GUA) in 1:37:29.
Fourth place in bronze for the championship of Guatemala in Maidy Monge (GUA) in 1:39:00


10km U20 men
Victory to Bryan Matias (GUA) in 42:52
Second place to Juan Coy (GUA) in 44:13
Third place to Uziel Col (GUA) in 47:40
10km U20 men
Victory to Yaquelin Teletor (GUA) in 48:38
Second place to Glendy Teletor (GUA) in 49:59