04/03/2021   Bermejo (BOL): The National Walking Championships of Bolivia




The Bolivian National Walking Championships were held in Bermejo in the province of Tarija in Bolivia.
The scheduled races were as follows:
- 20km men and women
- 35km men and women
- 10km U20 men and women
- 10km U18 students
- 5km U18 students
Plus some U16 races on shorter distances,
35km men
Victory to Pablo Armando Rodriguez (BOL) in 2:53:59
Second place to Ronal Rey Quispe Misme (BOL) in 2:54:26
Maldonado Plata Rosel Alcides (BOL) did not complete the race


35km women
Victory to Jaaneth Mamami Roque (BOL) in 3:22:22
The La Paz athlete I competed in 20km last year, which meant returning to gear after being out of competition for more than a decade.
In fact, she had represented Bolivia in 2006 and 2008 respectively at the South American Championships in Cochabamba and Cuenca.
This year she has dedicated herself to the longer distance and she combines the activity of a physical education teacher with that of sports by making an effort to train in walking and at the same time to devote herself to teaching.
Second place to Odeth Roselen Huanca Rasguido (BOL) in 3:29:28
Third place to Magne Avendano Noelia (BOL) in 4:20:36


20m men
Six athletes at the start, of which only three arrived
Victory to Cristaldo Quispe Misme (BOL) in 1:44:17
Second place to Bernal Wilsed Cruz (BOL) in 1:48:30
Third place went to Samuel Edgar Gallardo Chambi (BOL) in 1:50:11


20km women
Victory to Angela Melania Castro Chirivechz (BOL) in 1:39:14
Second place to Mara Karen Quispe Mancilla (BOL) in 1:42:23
The other two athletes at the start were disqualified for irregular running.
10km U20 men
Four athletes at the start
Victory to Alcides Fernando Flores Mamani (BOL) in 47:40
Second place to Joel Jefferson Coarita Quispe (BOL) in 48:50
Third place went to Angelo Rodrigo Michaga Gutierrez (BOL) in 48:50
10km U20 women
Six athletes at the start
Victory to Ines Huallpa Condo (BOL) in 51:40
Second place to Jhoselin Cuizara Luque (BOL) in 52:41
Third place went to Mery Norma Lopez Rojas (BOL) in 1:00:57
10km U18 boys
Two athletes at the start
Victory to Ever Gutierrez Pillco (BOL) in 53:10
Second place to Enerson Rene Paye Zarate (BOL) in 1: 18.14
5km U18 girls
Six athletes at the start
Victory to Eva Esther Janco Achacollo (BOL) in 31:41
Second place to Lea Mady Choque Cadima (BOL) in 32:33
Third place went to Camila Tito Tito (BOL) in 34:07