07/03/2021   Grottaglie (ITA): Federico Tontodonati and Eleonora Anna Giorgi Italian champions of the 20km




This morning the Italian road championships of 20km were held in Grottaglie (ITA) with side races
The time program is as follows:
9:15 U20 15km men
9:30 20km men and women
11:45 U18 10km students
12:00 U20 10 km women and U18 students
15km U20 men
It was the race that finished first.
The favorites on the eve immediately took the lead with Emiliano Brigante (ITA) who immediately took the lead.
He is followed by Nicola Lomuscio (ITA), Daniele Breda (ITA) and Pietro Pio Notaristevano (ITA).
The split times of Emiliano Brigante who remained in the lead throughout the race ended with the victory in 1:05:52 are the following:
- 2km: 8:41
- 4km: 17:34 (8:43)
- 6km: 26:19 (8:45)
- 8km: 35:06 (8:47)
- 10km: 43:56 (8:50)
- 12km: 52:45 (8:49)
- 14km: 1:01:35 (8:50)
- last km: 4:24
Second place to Daniele Breda (ITA) in 1:06:00 which was for most of the race between the second and third position at about thirty seconds behind Brigante.
On the last lap he makes up a lot of ground but not enough for the victory.
Third place went to Pietro Pio Notaristefano (ITA) in 1:08:42
Nicola Lomuscio finishes fourth in 1:09:46 after a stop of 120" in the penalty area


20km men
It was the most important race of the day.
The two best Italian athletes on the 20km at the moment, both coming from the 50km, played until almost the end: Federico Tontodonati and Matteo Giupponi.
The split times are as follows:
- 5km: 20:05
- 10km: 40:02 (19:57)
- 15km: 1:00:17 (20:15)
At 16km and 18km Federico Tontodonati takes the lead with Matteo Giupponi who progressively loses a few meters.
Victory to Federico Tontodonati (ITA) in 1:20:12
Second place to Matteo Giupponi (ITA) in 1:21:46
Third place to Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 1:23:15
Fourth place to Riccardo Orsoni (ITA) in 1:23:53

20km women
Three athletes were above the others: Eleonora Anna Giorgi, Valentina Trapletti and Mariavittoria Becchetti.
Clearly the story of Eleonora Anna Giorgi places her as an obligatory favorite and immediately the athlete leads the race with these partials:
- 5km: 10:10 pm
- 10km: 44:24 (22:14)
- 15km: 1:06:50 (22:26)
Giorgi stays ahead throughout the race and goes on to win in 1:28:39
For the silver and the bronze Mariavittoria Becchetti tries to recover in the last two laps on Valentina Trapletti as in Ostia a month ago, but this time she can't.
Second place to Valetina Trapletti (ITA) in 1:29:58 one second from the personal best of 1:29:57 obtained in Berlin on 11.8.2018.
Third place to Mariavittoria Becchetti (ITA) in 1:30:05 (personal best) which shatters the previous personal best of 1:34:01 obtained in Podebrady, CZE on 20.4.2016. A month ago in the Ostia south-west strong wind she obtained the mark of 1:34:09. Today the improvement has exceeded 4 minutes.