11/03/2021   40 years of the Dudinska patdesiatka



It was March 20, 1982 (39 years ago) when Pavol Szikora (CZE) who a few days later would have turned 30 for the first time imposed himself on the finish line of what would become over the years the European queen of the 50km walk: Dudinska patdesiatka.

Until 1990 the victories of athletes from the Czech-Slovak-Hungarian area alternated on arrival
We want to remember these pioneers who until 1988 still wore the Czechoslovakia shirt
1982 - Pavol Szikora (TCH) - 4:02:42
1983 - Jozef Hudak (TCH) - 4:13:36
1984 - Pavol Jati (TCH) - 4:09:11
1985 - Pavol Jati (TCH) - 3:57:38
1986 - Ivo Pitak (TCH) - 3:51:43
1987 - Pavol Szikora (TCH) - 3:42:20
1988 - Jan Zahoncic (TCH) - 3:58:20
1989 - Hubert Sonnek (CZE) - 3:56:13
1990 - Zoltan Czukor (HUN) - 3:55:16
In the decade from 1991 to 1999 the 50km Dudinska patdesiatka changed skin.
In fact, in 1991 we witnessed an exciting competition between the 39-year-old Szikora (at the end second: 3:39:47), Valeriy Spitsyn (USSR, at the end third: 3:51:58) and the rising star of the long distances of that historichal period
1991 - Valentin Kononen (FIN) who at 22 won in 3:48:54
1992 - Robert Korzeniowski (POL) - 3:46:42
1993 - Sergey Korepanov (KAZ) - 4:05:21
1994 - Pavol Blazek (SVK) - 3:52:45
1995 - Stefan Malik (SVK) - 3:48:53
But 1995 saw Peter Korkok (SVK), who in the future would become President of the Slovak Athletics Federation, finish in eighth place at his second 50k and the first time among the finalists (in 1993 he raced in 10km U20 vand won), and to whom we also owe the maintenance of this traditional event.
1996 - Vitalij Popovic (UKR) - 3:48:19
1997 - Stefan Malik (SVK) - 3:50:20
The 1998 was the year of the turning point of the 50km Dudinska patdesiatka with an edition of the European Cup.
The IAAF took the opportunity to organize one of the first world seminars (the first in Europe) to which it combined the selection of world-wide judges who with the occasion were reduced from 121 to 61.
The seminar was held by Peter Marlow (GBR), Lamberto Vacchi (ITA) and Jean Dahm (FRA)
The 50km had an epic day with a battle between Gianni Perricelli (ITA), third in 3:44:37, Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado (ESP), second in 3:43:17 and Tomasz Lipiec (POL), together in an alternation leading the race up to 38km. Victory then smiled on:
1998 - Tomasz Lipiec (POL) - 3:42:57
1999 - Aleksandar Rakovic (YUG) - 3:55:34
In the 2000 Olympic year Peter Korkok (SVK) took second place in 3:54:56, but nothing could do against Valentin Kononen (FIN) in the lead from start to finish.
2.000 - Valentin Kononen (FIN) - 3:39:34 signs his second win
In 2001 two editions of the 50km were held in Dudince. The classic one, the Dudinska patdesiatka, took place on 24.3.2001, while the following 19.5.2001 the European Cup took place for the second time in Dudince.
2001 - Dudinska patdesiatka - Sandor Urbanik (HUN) - 3:48:41
2001 - European Cup - Jesus Angel Garcia Bragado (ESP) - 3:44:26
2002 - Peter Korkok (SVK) finally fulfills his dream and wins his home race in 3:52:49 after a grueling battle with Aleksandar Rakovic (YUG) second in 3:56:01. The two were together until just before 40km when Rakovic entered a crisis from which he would never get out.
2003 - Luis Fernando Garcia Bechinie (GUA) - 3:57:50
2004 - Peter Korkok (SVK) - 3:51:09 signs his second win
2005 - Han Yucheng (CHN) - 3:40:30
2006 - Grzegorz Sudol (POL) - 3:50:24
2007 - Colin Griffin (IRL) - 3:51:32
2008 - Grzegorz Sudol (POL) - 3:45:47 signs his second victory
2009 - Yohann Diniz (FRA) - 3:38:45
2010 - Rafal Augustyn (POL) - 3:49:54
2011 - Matej Toth (SVK) - 3:39:46 signs his first win
In 2012 Alex Schwazer (ITA) wins in 3:40:58. After his suspension for doping and his admissions to the criminal trial in Italy (the athlete admitted the hiring of EPO) the results of Lugano and Dudince 2012 were canceled. The victory therefore went to
2012 - Lukasz Novak (POL) in 3:44:24
Also in 2013 two editions of the 50km were held in Dudince. The classic one, the Dudinska patdesiatka, took place on 23.3.2013, while the following 19.5.2001 the European Cup took place for the third time in Dudince.
2013 - Dudinska patdesiatka - Erick Bernabé Barrondo (HUN) - 3:41:09
2013 - European Cup - Yohann Diniz (FRA) - 3:41:07
2014 - Rafal Augustyn (POL) - 3:45:32 signs his second victory
2015 - Matej Toth (SVK) - 3:34:38 ​​signs his second win with the actual race record
2016 - Rafal Augustyn (POL) - 3:43:22 signs his third victory
2017 - Haward Haukenes (NOR) - 3:43:20
2018 - Matej Toth (SVK) - 3:42:46 signs his third win
2019 - Haward Haukenes (NOR) - 3:42:50 signs his second win
2020 - Matej Toth (SVK) - 3:42:46 signs his fourth victory once again ahead of Rafal Augustyn (POL) - 3:47:42
This year's edition, even in full pandemic, will be held.
These are the rules for participation.
At this time the Slovak government has imposed a strict lockdown and restrictions that means that every person coming to the Slovak Republic must show a negative PRC Covid 19 test no older than 72 hours and crossing the Slovak borders and undertake a 2-weeks quarantine.
However, quarantine obligations do not apply to persons who are athletes, professional support team of athletes, referees or members of the organizing committee who enter the territory of the Slovak Republic to participate in an international sporting event approved by the competent regional public health office.
Every person that wants to avail of this exemption from quarantine must present the organizer's letter of invitation with a negative result of PCR test no older than 72 hours at the borders.
The entry list
In the 50km
Forty-four athletes entered with 8 athletes from Mexico, the usual Alexandros Papamichail (CRE) who, if he starts, will have competed in two months in two 35km and one 50km, the two Barrondo brothers (Erick and the younger Bernardo) from Guatemala. Only one Italian athlete registered, Leonardo dei Tos (3:56:56)
In the 20km men
The prominent name is that of Eider Arevalo (COL) together with team mates Esteban Soto (COL).
Do not overlook the Mexicans Julio Cesar Salazar Enriquez and Jesus Tadeo Vega Ortiz first and second both in Ostia (ITA) and in San Jeronimo (GUA) together with teammate Carlos Sanchez Cantera (MEX)
Matej Toth will also compete on the 20km
In the 20km women
The prominent names are those of Sandra Lorena Arenas (COL) and Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER).
Outsiders Maria Katerinka Czakova (CZE), Algena Aryday Gonzalez Munoz (MEX) and Teresa Durdiakova (CZE)
We would like to report with great pleasure the return to the competition, after an important surgery, of what we can define as a "lover of race walking", Anett Torma (HUN), with whom Marcia dal Mondo collaborates and is in contact almost every day .
Her goal will be to finish the 20km around 1:40:00.
Come on Anett on Sunday 20 we will all be with you.