21/03/2021   Dudince (SVK): The 40th edition




Our great friends from Slovakia and Dudince in particular will not be hurt if this morning caught by the fireworks in both races of Huangshan in China we have neglected the Classic Dudinska 50 now in its 40th edition.
A goal that few races in Europe can have afforded. We count on our fingers and in addition to Dudince, we are reminded of those of Podebrady and Sesto San Giovanni.
La Coruna, World Heritage for race walking of World Athletics, has not yet reached this ambitious goal: it is close. on the other hand, there is still a few more years left for the Rio Maior Grand Prix.
But come to our races.
50km men
Bernardo Uriel Barrondo of Guatemala won the 40th anniversary of the Dudinska padesiatka with a personal best of 3:47:01 (so far 3:53:10 in 2018)) and imitated his older brother Erik, who triumphed in 2013. A 27-year-old Barrondo became the third Guatemalan winner of the "50" in history when he celebrated Luis García's victory in 2003.
These are Bernardo Uriel Barrondo's split times each 10km:
- 10km in 46:40 (was 16th)
- 20km in 1:31:36 (44:56) and had passed in 6th position
- 30km in 2:18:18 (45:42) and had passed in 7th position
- 40km in 3:02:16 (43:58) when he moved up to fifth position
- he leads the race at 45km (3:24:38) and increases his advantage lap after lap.
Behind the winner Barrondo, Artur Mastianica ranked with the Lithuanian record at 3:48:24
Third Luís Ángel Sánchez (GUA) in 3:48:56.
The Olympic limit of 3:50:00 was reached by seven walkers.
In his fifth 50km of career, Michal Morvay won his third consecutive Slovak champion title (2019, 2020, 2021) with a personal best of 3:57:59 finishing in 21st place.

20km men
The men's race is lived in a four-way fight between two athletes from Mexico (Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez and Noel Ali Chama), one from Colombia, Eider Arevalo, and one from South Africa, Wayne Snyman.
- at 5km
The four are still all together and their passage takes place in 20:35
- at 10km
The four still lead the race together with Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX) who passes first halfway in 40:37 (5km seconds in 20:02). The faster pace begins to fracture the chasing group.
- at 15km
Towards 11km Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX) forces his pace and detached the three who were with him by a few meters.
At the three quarters of the race the positions are as follows:
- Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX) in 1:00:16 (third 5km in 19:39)
- Noel Ali Chama (MEX) in 1:00:39
- Eider Arevalo (COL) and Wayne Snyman (RSA) in 1:00:39
- last 5km
The move to 16km sees Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX) in the lead in 1:04:11 with a good lead (24 ") over Noel Ali Chama (MEX) who in turn has 4" behind Eider arevalo.
One km later, Oivas Nunez's advantage over Chama is 25 seconds and is also the same at 18km.
The race can be said to be over.
Victory to Andreas Eduardo Olivas Nunez (MEX) in 1:19:54
Second place to Noel Ali Chama (MEX) in 1:20:23
Third place to Eider Arevalo (COL) in 1:20:24
Fourth place to Jose Eduardo Ortiz Flores (GUA) in 1:20:43
Fifth place to Marius Ziukas (LTU) in 1:20:58
Sixth place to Wayne Snyman (RSA) in 1:20:59



20km women
The women's race was basically as a Mexican National Championship, with three athletes in the top three.
Victory to Valeria Ortuno Martinez (MEX) in 1:29:11 (22:01 - 44:11 - 1:06:28)
Second place to Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Rodarte (MEX) in 1:29:33 (26:17 - 43:58 - 1:06:23)
Third place to Alegna Aryday Gonzalez Munoz (MEX) in 1:30:08 (22:18 - 44:50 - 1:07:29)
Fourth place to Marya carolina Herrera perez (GUA) in 1:30:27
Fifth place to Tereza Durdiakova (CZE) in 1:30:52
Sixth place to Brigita Virbalyte (LTU) in 1:31:29